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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Baked Donuts

A friend, K, gave me a silicon donut holder couple of weeks back during the donut frenzy period... But thats also the mooncake craze going on.. and so I put this little project aside.. till now.

Mayb Im not such a bread person and thus I have no continuous urge to try it out..

Today, after a short day out..and teaching my 2 little impy sisters how to do muach chee atmum house.. on the way home... dear asked me what am I gg to do tomolo... suddenly donut came to my mind... then for no reason.. I told him... I gonna bake donut when I get home LOL.. arent I suppose to b having my day off today?? hmmm

Anyway I skipped my way to the supermart since I have no yoghurt at home which the recipe required. My anxiety to make the donut fast cause me to accidentaly add more salt than needed... Anyway... Heres my little mini donut...

Somehow I see my friends donut are much browner. mayb thatsbecos they use metal mould and I used silicon ones?? They taste ok exept for the salt... And I try again with haf a recipe but full egg remains.. then the texture was slightly off.. dear prefer the 1st batch... then again he still dont fancy donut. Haiz what to do... I tink they are gg to the bin tomolo =(

Nonetheless I think its pretty fun to do these little ones... and I am now gg to continue to search for recieps to fully utilise the mould =)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Matcha Macaron

Finaly after much attempt... today is my day...

Despite nursing a horrible backache.. I decided to try makin mac again*2nd time for this week) and its my number dunno how many attempt (mayb 7th?)

Anyway.. the delicate french pastry... pronounce as "macahoon" in french, is not to b trifled with... its sooo sooo sensitive.. err perhaps.. can I describe them like modern women?? Sensitive.. yet nice n sweet.. addictiveif u r really interested in them.. and perhaps.. never sick of them ever again... anyway thou I tink its pretty easy to get the feets.. In this attempt, Im not very satisfied with it, I think I gonna settle for this for now... enough of buying almond meals hehe

Decided to do the Matcha ones since I am hopin the bitter matcha can neutralise the sweetness within the cookie itself.. Dusted some matcha powder over the stillw et mac... and wait for it to dry

Here is how it looks like while drying... the feet is still not visible..

While I was baking my 2nd tray of these babes.. dear walk past my oven and he exclaimed: wah feet!... now I guess I dont have to tell u hw many times I been baking them already..even dear knows the 'feet'

Finaly after many kosong(plain) macaron inthe past.. now I can present it with fillign sicne its already a success =)

Did some bitter chocolate ganache to sandwich it with... keeping finger cross I added enuff alcohol to prevent myself from getting migraine n headache fr the sugar n chocolate

Now.. do u see the feet??

While snapping poto of this babes.. I subconsciously ate up about 6 to 8 pcs of them... the ting of matcha is nice.. while the not too sweet shell...

Thanx to all my friends who been offering me advice on how to chase this babes.. I guess my chase is finaly over...

Gave the above to Eileen and my sis to try.. both of themliek ti very much.. Eileen have heard of macaron while caca have onli seen in my blog... both gave thumbs up with caca requesting for more... looks like.. a new experiment w other flavour is coming up =)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Crazy cupcake

Ims till playign with cupcake today..despite I got splitting headache fr the chocolate.. tsk tsk.. it pays to b greedy huh??

Anyway here r the cuppy..dunno if it got better or not.. haiz

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cookie Scoope aka ice cream scoop

I gotto know bout this cookie scoop from some friends last year.. I check out the prices. its normaly $20 above...
I pondered super duper long before I purchase.. cos so ex jus for 'an ice-cream' scoop...
Then I saw it at pantry magic for $11.. wah cheap. I grabbed.. it was a wise choise.. cos... they discontinue it already .. no more cheap scoopsss..

What do I use it for? apart from icecream.. I use for my mash potatos, for my cupcakes batter, muffin batter (no mess unlike using spoon) and cookies! no more measuring of cookie dough to make sure all r the same hehe...
Just last 2 weeks I got for an online friend from WMF for $21.90.. gosh.. so ex.. thou its WMF la... now got lobang to get it cheaper.. I think better GRAB

Chocolate CupCake

I am seriously allergic to chocolate.. why do I say so??

Tpday I attempted this cupcake.. well tis nice really.. thou a bit more to improve... and I ate 2 pcs.. after a while my headache came knocking on my head... well.. its realy the chocolate... Luckily I reduced sugar level.. esle I think it will be worse ever..

Anyway.. heres my cuppy...

looks a bit glossy on top I dunno why..but who cares.. since I will trim off the top anyway... to make way for frosting... but for today.. no frosting... Im in a lazy mood... resting resting resting... Thanx T for sharing the recipe....

Hints & Tips

A copper scouring pad in your humidifier will prevent lime buildup.

A tsp or 2 of vinegar can help keep eggs from cracking while boiling.

Add 1/4 tsp. Soda to Cranberries while cooking them and they will notrequire as much sugar.

Add 1/4 tsp. Of baking powder per quart of potatoes while mashing them andthey will be fluffy, smooth, and more tasty.

Add about 7 drops of lemon juice to 2 cups of whipping cream. It will makethe cream beat up firm in about half the time.

Adding a pinch of sugar to the water when boiling corn on the cob helpsbring out the corn's natural sweetness.

Adding lemon juice to gravy that is too greasy, will make the greasedisappear and add flavor to your gravy. A small amount of baking soda willalso work.

Bring Lemons to room temperature and roll them under your palm on top of thekitchen counter before squeezing to get the most juice from them.

Brushing beaten egg whites over a pie crust before baking gives it abeautiful glossy finish.

Chunks of charcoal placed in the refrigerator will help absorb any bad odors.

Cream that is whipped ahead of time, will not separate if you add a touch of dissolved unflavored gelatin (1/4 tsp. Per cup of cream).

Do Not use Iodized Salt in making pickles, it causes them to become soft.

During winter months when the kitchen is cold, it can be a slow process or nearly impossible to get yeast breads to rise. Try placing the dough in an oven-safe container and setting it in the oven on warm (200 degrees F) for 2-3 minutes. Don't let it bake, just enough to warm the bowl. It can really speed the rising process.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I got this award again???


anyway.. I shall pas it to just 1 blogger this time around.. so that not too many ppl get it.. else its too common rite?

Anyway I got the award from Jottings of Life.. and I guess Im passing it on to Cecily...

AND.. I got 1 more here... creative Blogger award.. hmmm 3 award in a week.. (in an arrogant tone): what award should I get nxt week then?? Kidding hor.. anyway dun it sounds familiar?? star awards viewer will know what I meant hahaa...

K K ... who can I pass this to??

Got it from Judy and Im gg to give it to.... Amrita... she is 1 creative girl..given her age =) and also for her every pretty creation of her bake andher knowledge imparted to me.. =) way to go girl...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well Its 中秋节 again..。。

Instead of having chinese tea and eating mooncake, er had something else..

As usual, we are always pushing the decision of whats for dinner to each other..today we decided to write on a piece of paper and show each other where we want to eat.. and dear wrote 'dumplings'.. for awhile I was thinking WHAT DUMPLING?? Then he say.. with peanut.. ahh then it came to me he wants his usual 汤圆..
So after dinner we went to NTUC and bought the frozen type... With the peanut soup.. I added some osmanthus for frangrance, (oops I have no more rice wine residue else I can do the Suzhou style 酒酿汤圆)..

And this is what we got

seen the greenish yellow bites.. those are the osmanthus..

And today I rolled some of the tang yuan in sesame seeds.. for the extra fragrance..

And some in black sesame powder...

BTW, my tang yuan is with black sesame filling.. I love the nice nice taste of the sesame....
Yummm .. waiting for dear to come bk from his jog and we can "赏月"with the round as moon dumpling... thou.. we really have no moon view from the house hehe

Happy Moonie Festival to all

Monday, September 24, 2007

Muah Chee

Its a slow day... thou I am still feeling rather tired... but since dear went sharking... I have nuthg better to do apart from doing my laundry... searched thru my looong list of to do list and saw the muahchee within it... and tot why nt give it a try...

I rem when I was young. mum will bring us to Shaung Lin Temple for prayers esp before our exams... and everytime when we go home we will buy this little pack of muah chee from the old lady at the door way... Guess that was how I fell in love with this yummy sticky snack...

Last year, I saw a lady selling this snack at a makeshift stall and so I bought a pack.. notice the way she did it is somewhat dfferent and I decided to ask her why she do this and that(curiosity got into me again).. with enuff info I gathered..today I did this

Its super easy.. can be done under 10 mins if u are fast if not.. well double the time .. still fast rite??

The dough

120g glutinous rice flour(I use elephant brand)
180-200g of water (I use eye power.. )
Some sesame seeds
few drops of shallot oil

1. Mix well and form a watery batter
2. Microwave the batter for 1 min, Repeat about 4 times (total about 5 mins).. so long as a firm yet not too hard dough is formed u can remove from the MW.

The 'dip'.(this is what I learnt fr the lady who sells this)

Shallot oil

Peanut Mix
6part of ground peanut (u can add some sesame seeds too)
1part of fine sugar

1. Oil ur scissor a little to prevent the dough from sticking too much on ur scissor(also help easier washing later on)
2. Cut out the dough and dip them into the shallot oil lightly(this is where the fragrance comes from)
3. put them in the peanut mix and roll to coat evenly...
4. Serve warm...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strawberry Agar Agar Mooncake

Dear wasnt home during my last lap of mooncake frenzy.. when i was all done.. I was very reluctant to go to rest,,, so my itchy hand.. decided to make some agar agar mooncake for fun thou im no fan of agar agar...

After an hour or so... well I emerge w my Strawberry"wisdom mooncake"..

why Wisdom?

heee look here

The cross section of the mooncake..doesnt it look like the shape of the tooth? hehe... I had the filling done in another mould since i dun hav a mould small enuff for the filling and hence this shape.. mayb can I call it Dracula mooncake? hehe ...full moon mah hahahaa

With the left over 'skin filling' , I took out my new strawberry ice cube cum jjello mould for this.. the mould been with me for like 4 years.. finaly im using it hehe...

Strawberry shape strawberry agar agar..

look closer to the texture of the agaragar.. u see they actualy gt the holey motiff from the mould too.. so cute...

The Last of my Mooncakes

Yesterday.. I had the last lap of my mooncake baking/making session....

These are for mum's friends

Traditional Baked Mooncakes with single yolk

Shanghai Mooncakes for my friends

SnowSkin Mooncake with mango filling n macademia nuts

Somethg funny happen after I deliver the mooncakes to the dental clinic yesterday... caca n her friend was with me, supposed to drop them at sim lim... then I gave her friend 1 of this mango mooncake since Im just trying them out.. and i have extras anyway... since she bought quite a couple of boxes of moocnake from me.. so I offered her 1 more big mooncake to bring home n try ... as I was driving.. we heard some funny sound.. and suddenly caca exclaimed: wah.. u are eating the mooncake now?? I turn back.. and I saw her friend holding the whole mooncake n biting it off... just like a burger.. I dunno to laugh or cry... she sure loves my mooncake... cos being the 'maker'.. i smell too much flour already i cant even taste if its nice anot ... so I asked her... 'dun u find it disgusting to eat so much at 1 go?' she commented its v nice and not gerlak... so can eat as much as possible.. I really want to faint... haha
to laugh or to cry I reallyd unno
But am glad there are ppl who really appreciate my moonies... gives me more confident to sell more next year =)


Going French

Dear kindly gave me a treat at Au Petit Salut on Thursday.... Reason?? NO REASON hehe...
After much hiccups.. from chaing the dates.. to even chaning the time.. cancelling the appt and last min book again.. Au Petit Salut..Here we come...

At Harding Road.. not too hard to locate... its at the previous Youth Flying Club building.. ahh no wonder dear noes his way so well.. that was his "play ground" in the past...

well.. food was not too bad.. in fact I was kidn of surrpise its cheaper than Halia.... and portion is definitely slightly bigger hehe

We were serve bread with butter...

Dear order our fav escargots.. and the waiter suggest w eat it w the bread too.. for the juicy buttery escargot pair vry well w the bread

I wanted my usual onion soup.. for I like to compare w the one I made at home.. hehe
good to add in more bread too.. thou its already serve with load sof breand n cheese soak inside...

Nice.. but can be better... if it cems w MORE sauteed onion... hehe

And as usual... dear had his lamb, with mash postatoes on the bottom... (dun u tink its looks almost exactly like what we had at Halia??)

and me.. as usual.. beef steak medium rare.. Yum... (again looks like the Halia one rite?)

Its a bit salty to me.. duno y.. anyway the beef steak is topped with sauteed onion(tink the onion went to the wrong bowl ah?? why to in the soup.. sobz)

And I order a salad to go w my steak as side dish.. fresh salad w terragon sauce.. Im glad I choose this sauce among the others such as pesto, raspberries etc.. cos the fragrant of the terragon really lift the taste bud a nouch higher... and it refreshes my salty after taste of the beef steak..

Dear ask me what dessert do I want.. as usual.. I dun fancy dessert(wonder what kind of girl am I).. i am never turn on by dessert.. esp well if it contain chocolate...
and dear odered this to share

Choux pastry with icecream filling.. topped with ALOT of bitter CHOCOLATE sauce and snow powder

err.... when I see that in front of mi, wanted to SCREAM... cos I really tink I dun like this dish.. despite hw GOOD is the chocolate... the chocolate is bitter n a bit sweet ot me.. taste ok..b ut I just dun like lar.. end up dear had 2 puff while I had 1...

All in all Think this is a pretty nice place to go... dear say we can go again for lunch which is also cheaper..

lets see how.. I think we over spent for this month liao heehee..

Bisous... (french for 'kiss')

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crispy Fried Baby Squid

I was toying my idea of this dish for the longest time.. I cant seem to find out WHAT is in the dish that makes the sticky gravy sauce so nice... and the crispy feel..
And past weeks.. I keep seeing baby squids at the supermart... The other day.. Finaly I cant stand the temptation... I bought a pack of squid.. hoping some kidn soul will teach me how to do it.. of cos not many ppl can do it... LUCKILy I got Marge.. who rescue me... well at least her tips n recipe was a good guide for me.. Knowing myself.. I never follow recipe to a T when it comes to non baking items...

After many minutes (like 20 minutes) of DEEP frying... plus mixing the sauce and thickening it... U get this

My... is really nice.. esp the crispy crunchy feel... I never expect home fried stuff will be as good... for the squid are rather chewy to start with.

Let mi tweak the recipe further in few weeks time and I shall tell u what goes into it... hehe... Now.. I just lem for moreeeee

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fruitty Tarttie Tarts

Wonder what is this???

Its my home made tart shells...

Yesterday I was in the kind of baking n cooking kind of mood... So I tot I wanted to try baking some fruit tarts.

After doing the shell.. I realise.. I ran out of eggs... my fridge is normally well stock with at least 20 pcs of egg at any time... Guess my mooncake making is killing me by not having time to go down to the supplier for my regular tray of eggs.

Obviously I still haven got my eggs yet.. but my friend share her no egg custard recipe with me... and so today i got my butt down to making them so I can share w my cousin whom I am meeting later and also for my family...

Used mainly starwberry and kiwi.. I have some organic black berries left as well as blue berries...
The Custard is just nice... nt too sweet.. and not too thick.. Yummy

Custard Recipe

30g custard powder
60g sugar
300ml milk
a pinch of salt

Mix well and bring to boil at low fire.
Stir till thicken... if U find it too thick.. add more milk
I liek to add some vanilla pods to it.. so the specks of tiny weeny pods give some surprises.. but I ran out of pods today.. waiting for DHL to bring over for mi from States

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cha Soba (My Version)

Cha Soba literaly means tea soba since it is made of wheat flour, buckwheat flour and of cos green tea.

In a proper Jap restaurant... Cha soba is always serve on top a pile of ice since this dish is often known as cold noodle.

Of cos.. it will be topped with some shredded seaweed.. and accompanied by a dipping bowl of soup where U dip the cold noodles into it...

I dont have the seaweed at home.. Lazy to freshen up the dried ones... I decided to come up with my own version.. topping it with shredded carrot as well as fresh shitake mushroom.. (just to save the effort of cooking the seaweed??) Not forgetting my sprinkled sesame seeds... FragRant!

Radish Cake

Saw some nice Japanese daikon the other day, and tot perhaps I should attempt radish cake again.. not that I failed in my previous attempt. I was happy w the previous.. but a friend kindly adviseme on how to make it better and so I decided to try out again.. and well.. I would say this is the BEST attempt...
Just take a look

Its very firm... with no watery soggy patch on top of the kueh.. in fact its smooth and pretty...
While I was flipping it over.. I accidentaly drop it on my table real hard.. I thought I prob have smashed the other side already.. to my surpriced.. its intact!

See the interior.. firm n nice... with loadsof lap cheong n shrimps...

Normaly I like to do it the HK way.. slice them up in 1 cm thick..pan fry it lightly till a bit brown.. top with XO sauce and eat.. but today i cant be bothered.. I slice and eat it immediately... sooo yummy...

yes I gg to chill the remainder.. pan fry them tonite..and giv some to Serene and mum.. hope it will entice her appetite a bit...

After Pan frying with my fav XO sauce consisting of dry scallops etc....

Meanwhile I appreciate the advice my friend share w me on this cake.... now i dun lem to go HK anymore hahahahahaa


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emping aka Belinjo Cracker

Was craving for some papadam today... I ransacked my pantry and only found some dried Emping. Its actualy a kind of nut call Belinjo, and the nuts is use to make this crackers... Grace got them for me from Indonesia couple of months ago.. I was too lazy to fry them.. despite I love these too... procastination.... and so instead of papadam.. I deep fried these instead
Dry Emping

It only take a few second and they expand from thumb-sized semi-transparent chips to white fluffy crackers in odd shapes, as the small bubbles of air trapped in the flexible chips expanded.

After draining them fromt he oil.. I sprinkle some salt over and give it a good toss... since the crackers are kind of bitter to taste... (which I like, need to do so to cheat the rest into eating them since I now have 4 big pack of crackers waiting to be finish....

Suddenly... I tot of somethg.. mayb i should dip them into sambal.. just like in thai/indonesia restaurant, they give us prawn cracker and chilli to dip... CRUNCH CRUNCH

Karls Rocks!

1st time being tagged.. or rather.. it been many times but I din realise?
Anyway I been tagged by Peony... frankly i duno how to go about this... but all I know is i need to pass this on.. and so Im passing the baton to Jottings of life, a friend whom I got to know and share about many things. and to pawpaw my ranting kaki hehe

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why U need to wear covered(or safety) shoe in the kitchem

Ever wonder why when u go for professional cooking or baking class, u r always required to wear a paif or covered shoes.. and some of them actualy wear a pair of SAFETY shoes...

Well well.. its to protect ur feet and toes of cos...

else U will end up having fat toes like me


I can barely bend my toe now... and its painful even when the wind blows on it /water slip thru it...
AND whats the most ironical thing?

I did not injured my poor toes in my kitchen.... I injure it errr.. while some one else was trying to roll some pastry...
The damn tray fell vertically RIGHT onto my toes.... bahhhhh
I was frozen there for 5 mins.. I din move... with myhands holding my toes.. till someone ask mi to sit down... that 1 sec of Pain... was followed by half hour of numbness... I think either my thereshold of pain is damn high(this pain is NOTHING compare to my nerve injury), or my skin VERY thick...

I bet I will never injured myself in this manner in my own kitchen....
and lesson learnt... dun use a fold table to do rolling of pastry hahaa.... everythg falls off the table....

Now I wonder when will I stop limping..... i am still hopping around liek a kangaroo.... im still alive.. thank goodnesss... but will my toe fall off??? check back for the nxt episode bahahahaaa

Pralet Reinvented

Everyone Knows Im a pralet queen...

After stopping production of this lovely cake for few weeks.. Finaly I got my butts off my chair and did this again

Reinvented it... by adding some cherries intot he mousse since I wanted to make a black forest cake as well as a pralet for a party today.. But due to time constraint (and mood constraint) I decided to make only 1 and so i did a BIG pralet with a hint of black forest =p

Can U Spot the cherry?? hehe

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jajang Myun 짜장면,炸 酱 面

This week we been eating loads of jap/korean stuff for dinner... I tot it will be fun if I have 1 more day of korean food... thou I really miss my Ddeobokki 떡볶이 (dear is protesting against this dish cos I cook it too often), I decided to use my pack of korean black bean paste in my cupboard and my buckwheat noodles I got from Cold Stroage the other day for my 짜장면 today.. tweaking the recipe by pawpaw whom kindly share with me her recipe, I emerged with this dish

炸 酱 面
What U need:
500g minced beef– u can use cubed meat too
1 Onion, diced
2 large carrot, diced
4tbsp Chun Jang (see picture below)
2tbsp Olive oil
Corn syrup to taste
1/2 cup Rice wine
2cups Water
Corn starch mixture
Korean sesame seed and Spring Onion for ganishing

marinate for the minced beef :
5tbsp Rice wine
3tbsp Soya sauce
Dash of pepper

Marinate the meat in advance.

Buckwheat noodles(fresh or dry)
Cook noodles for 5 min in boiling water and transfer to a pot of cold water.

Fry onions with oil till transparent.
Add carrots and beef and fry briefly.
Mix chun jang with wine, corn syrup and add to the vege mixture.
Add water, bring to boil and add corn starch mixture.
Stir well

To serve
Top noodles with the sauce and garnish with spring onions and sesame seed.
Mix noodle and sauce thoroughly and eat heartily

pawpaw tips:
You can add a hard boil egg which goes extremely well with the noodles.

While dear complained that the sauce seem a bit too BLACK.. he slurp all up.. me too.. with blackie stains around my mouth.. just like a kid... hehe.. I almost wanted to do the SLURRPPP sound which the korean and jap do when they show on tv hahaa.. dear prob will be laughing away then... and he req me to do WHITE Jajang Myun.. how strange.....

This the how chun jang looks like
you can get it at the korean shop and selected supermart

And the nxt dish I hope I can cook will be the korean pancake, Buchimgae 부침개

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pre-Natal Vitamins

Just as my sister is puking like siao in her 1st trimester of her pregnancy, I have been busy reading up for her sake... and i guess it prob be helpful if I note all these down.

What we probably need as we try get pregnant and during pregnancy...

  • Folic acid, which will help ensure that your baby's nervous system develops the right way. The feotus probably need 800 mcg of folic acid than the 400mcg as previously thought.
  • Natural form of Vitamin B-12 to help baby's brain develop and to help the body absorb protein
  • Calcium & Iron Together: This two very important nutrients, are best used by the body if they're taken at separatetimes of the day.
    Calcium binds to iron which interferes withthe absorption of both, ultimately canceling each other out which is not good for you or your baby's health!
    since calcium interferes with the absorption of iron and can actually make your nausea worse if they're combined.
  • Natural Energy Boost:
    Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) which can be found in food notably kidney, heart and liver meats as well as spinach, broccoli and potatoes.
    Co-enzyme Q10, Co Q10:
    This vitamin-like substance is, by nature, present in all human cells and responsible for the production of the body’s own energy. In each human cell food energy is converted into energy for our body in the mitochondria with the aid of CoQ10. 95% of all our body’s energy requirements is converted with the aid of CoQ10. Therefore those organs with the highest energy requirements – such as the heart, the lungs and the liver – have the highest CoQ10 concentrations
    These “boosters” help your body produce energy naturally, without harmful stimulants.

    These powerhouse nutrients are expensiveand rarely included in prenatal vitamins.
  • Ginger has been clinically proven to ease nausea.
  • Papain (an enzyme derived from papaya). Papain helps your stomach break down your food more easily
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Your baby needs these essential Omega-3 fats to form baby's brain, nerves, eyes, and cell membranes while it’s developing, not after it’s born.

This may not be all we need before and during pregnancy.. but efinitely 1 of the important ones..

I will update this post whenever I have new read up..

The baby is 100% dependent on what weeat (not to mention the prenatals that we are taking everyday), it's absolutely important that you do your homework.

All infomation are extracted via the web, understood and edited by me. So this is for MY understanding only. Im sharing this for those who feel they wants to know a little more bout such information.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 boxes.. and more to go

I been doing them since morning...

the red wine ones are obedient today..easier to mould..while the chocolat eoens.. I almost want to kill myself.. cos they dun unmold nicely

Finaly after 3 hours.. 40 moonies later... I get these..

Decided to give my chocolate moonies some facial uplifting by adding some colours... sicne the whole lump of brown thg.. old ppl with weak eye prob cant make out what is it... and so..
I had their tail outlined with some edible gold dust.. so my chocolate gold fish.. is really GOLDfish now

Now it looks like fit for the King.. hehe

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cookie Monsters

I had an order of these butter cookies 1 month back...
In fact last xmas I gave some away as presents, and now orders are coming in for them..

I glazed it nicely.. bake them more brown this round..

and I packaged it nicely like this

I had some left over egg wash.. and I was very unwilling to throw them away as I often did, and so I tot maybe i should bake more cookies to use them up.. and decided upon this secret little recipe a friend AL have shared with me months back... she gave me a bottle of it and I fell in love with it ever since.

Very light yet crisp... I cant stop munching on it... dear loves it too

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Maiden order of the Year

Today is the BIG day... for I need to deliver my 1st order of mooncake in the year of the Golden Pig...

The Red Wine Snowskin Mooncake

and I tried out my all time favourite custard filling yesterday... with extra oomps of salted egg yolk in it...

Today aft its set, I can do my snow skin with it after much hiccups.. bu its really nice..

Golden Custard Mooncake

Gonna give to the girls to eat later =) ..

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Comfort Food

Dear been feel sick for past few days... the lousy weather din help...
So when i ask him last night what shall we have for dinner today... he said: macaroni soup.. He likes soupy stuff

So I did a simple soup base with the chicken powder... light taste

With the meat ball he requested as well as the fish veggie roll.. din managed to get the fish dumpling thou.

On the side... I tot it will be good to make some veggies thou he said can jus simply put the veggie in macaroni as well... but I wanted sth different

Kai Lan with healthy beancurd skin and strawmushroom

The beancurd stick is tied into knots and soak till soften before use.. the knots, give a nice kind of crunch w/o the beancurd skin seperating into a mess...
very nice.. its almost vegetarian except it contains oyster sauce =)

And only today did I realise that I can merge my bloggerpost with the multiply ones hehe.. and so now my gf's office who block blogger, can continue to surf my blog via multiply ...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Yam Ring

We love yam ring serve during chinese dinner..
I onli like the yam ring.. not the filling hehe nottie me huh.. unless thr is fresh scallop in it hehe

I tompang K to buy the yam ring from KCT logn ago and freeze it.. perhaps i froze it too long.. today when I cook it.. it was kind of hard... nvr say die.. I will try again..
maybe make the ring myself nxt time hehe

but for today the filling was yummy thou

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sausage Quesadilla

Roamed around the supermart today.. No idea what to cook for dinner... Im in the rest mode this 2 days since my crazy week is starting once again in few days time..
Dear normaly prefer non chinese and i tot perhaps doing some kind of wrap will be nice...
Trying to go easy on yummy and heavy food cos saturday we can have a BIG feast to celebrate our big day hehe...
And So I let him choose whathe wants for the filling apart from the regular tomato sauce, bacon and fresh mushroom. He opt for sausages.. and he chose the German Sausage.

Pretty Yummy.. esp since I did not add any kind of seasoning to the whole dish.. I only drizzle some Mango chilli sauce on top to give the Quesadilla a little kick since its rather dry (dear like sauces) on the outside.. but the mushroom gave alot of juice ..

onion, sliced
fresh mushroom, sliced
sausages, sliced
loads of mozerella
and watever u want..
tomato puree

1. Pan fry the sausages to get the oil out... set aside.. pan fry the bacon and mushroom in the same pan(this way the mushroom get flavour w/o additional salt)
2. spread some tomato puree on to the tortilla
3. sprinkle cheese over, add sausages, bacon and mushroom, then onions. fold over.
4. Grill slightly at 180degree to melt the cheese..
5. drizzle with mango chillis auce(optional)

Serve warm