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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crispy Fried Baby Squid

I was toying my idea of this dish for the longest time.. I cant seem to find out WHAT is in the dish that makes the sticky gravy sauce so nice... and the crispy feel..
And past weeks.. I keep seeing baby squids at the supermart... The other day.. Finaly I cant stand the temptation... I bought a pack of squid.. hoping some kidn soul will teach me how to do it.. of cos not many ppl can do it... LUCKILy I got Marge.. who rescue me... well at least her tips n recipe was a good guide for me.. Knowing myself.. I never follow recipe to a T when it comes to non baking items...

After many minutes (like 20 minutes) of DEEP frying... plus mixing the sauce and thickening it... U get this

My... is really nice.. esp the crispy crunchy feel... I never expect home fried stuff will be as good... for the squid are rather chewy to start with.

Let mi tweak the recipe further in few weeks time and I shall tell u what goes into it... hehe... Now.. I just lem for moreeeee