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Saturday, June 24, 2006

All About Dragon fruit

We learnt something new today.. Happen to pass by Singapore's Dragon Fruit farm..
what exctly is a dragon fruit?
It is actualy the fruit of a cactus plant!!

grow a part of the cactus plant in soil.. after 9 month they begin to flower.

Here is how it begins

1 small flower....

grow bigger....

bloom and close... why???
cos they onlni start blooming at 2000hours.. and full bloom like

at 12 midnite....

slowly it wills tart bearing fruit after the flower wither...

See the dry part of the flower on the right??

look at the pricky thoron on the plants.. each n every thorny parts can have the possibility of flowering and fruiting.

All these plants are at least 2 years old.. old enough to give bigger fruits at at least 300grams each. they are all red meat dragonfruit.

Sold at the farm itself after harvesting at $7 per kg..cheaper than the $8.50 at market..

Original dragon fruit are white meat. From Vietnam. These red meats ones are grown by the Taiwanese. and imported to malaysia. Red ones supposed to be juicier, higher in fibre, more vitamins...

I was tempted to buy a plant back to try growing but the uncle was very frank with me, grow in pot not easy to fruit, plus need alot of sun and dew at nite... so i gave up the idea...

Address of the farm as below:
No 1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4 Singapore 788588
Call them if u want to ask anything bout the fruits. 63101884.

Mutton kebabs turkish style

I tried this recipe from the Turkish cookbook today...
very good!

Looks so colourful rite? Actualy recipe call for grilling over charcoal but aiya forget it lar.. i pan fry it lightly... thou mess up my stove but oki lar aft that i MV is for 30 sec just to cook the onion a bit... dear like it... Fen and Bao tried also... =) verdict is good!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tangy River prawn with Yellow Curry and pineapple and Kaffir lime Leaves

Was asked to do some cook book review.. so gotto try out recipes and I choose this.. seems easy...

Its good! thou I think if i add more meat will be better... slurp

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


the other day I made this for Father's day.

Its a little bit like shark fin soup.. but I use 竹笙 instead cos I miss its crunchiness.. its a bit like fish maw.. but a healthier version... very shiok.. I added some Yunnan ham into the stock so it got a more distinctive taste. Basically, the whole trick is having a rich stock.. that will make it taste almost like Buddha jump over the wall soup, and everyone drink more than 2 bowls!! Mum even say next time I should add a bit of shark fin into it.
Its so good... yesterday i went to buy the 竹笙 again... hoping to make it again. else i can always try to make stuffed 竹笙.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Meat patties on the run!!!

Father's Day dinner.. I did almost a 10 course dinner... i ate nuthg!! cos I was busy entertaining auntie and cousin.

1 of the dishes I made today was this

I was so scare they all will not like it esp auntie and Patsy.. who knows they also like.. I know dad bound to like it since its vege sandwiching meat and seafood and fry with olive oil. Really filled with fibres for this dish... and healthy.. but the frying part almost kill me.. cos make my floor so oily.. think nxt time i shall steam it . wun be so crunchy thou.. lemming to eat this again sooon

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go Jap

We had Japanese for dinner at home

Wakame with eggs and surimi stick

Grilled Teriyaki salmon. Home made sauce was really good!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Swiss Day

welll what is Swiss day?? of cos its Swiss roll day.. in a food blog.. it cannot be Switzerland day right?
well well
3 kind of rolls

Rainbow roll--kids favourite..

Feather light roll-- very soft

My fav "giraffe roll"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My 1st Mini wedding cake

Many days doing these below...

multiplying then by alot...

wow!! so pretty..lying all over....

jamming the cakes and sandwiching them

Covering with a layer of marzipan

Roll out the Sugar paste

Finaly covering cake with sugar paste...

decorate as u want it to be...
I finaly got it!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Roses on Cloud Nine

This is food! or at least its edible.. depending on ur thershold of sweetness is how high... since its make with 100% sugar.
meant to use as decoration on a wedding cake for this sunday.. will update on the cake...
I did this today.. finaly... phew... more to come for the next 3 days