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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple pasta topped w crispy garlic..

Pasta is my life saving meals... I just need to steal some vege from my girl's stash of grocery and I can make a meal out of it.

Dear is on course this days.. I barely have enough time to cook anything for myself. So usually I will cook pasta while the lil one is sleeping.

Deep fried garlic is a must have for such simple pasta since it gives loads of flavor to the bland n plain dish.

Just need to make loads of this garlic with my Ikea mincer and fry them. store them in air tight container after it cools down.

Lor Mai Gai

I been busy lately.. school holiday is the reason! there is no school! and so I been going out too much with my lil fella.. not forgetting last month was also her birthday month. I had a good time celebrating for her. Also we were away for a trip. Her 3rd passport therapy!
I went to starnet to buy the foil bowls when we came back to SG.. all for this dish...

Today we had a play date at home again. i did the lor mai gai last night.. re steam it again this morning before the kids and mummies came. NICE! except that i will want to use chicken thigh meat in future.. my family doesnt seem to like fillets. Did I say that my girl ate up quite a bit of the lor mai gai..