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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

매운닭구이 Chicken Marinated with go chu jang

J was telling me bout this dish... basically she wants to used up the remaining of the Gochujang she got for her rice cake... I gave it a try since I need some new stuff from the kitchen!

But i think the marinate is a bit too sweet for my liking.. need to alter it a little in future!
we finish everything anyway!

I think this is a gd dish for bbq!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ho See Fa Sang Chok with Conpoy

Life with a baby at home needs a lot of energy. I need to cook her meals separately. if possible I try to cook everything at 1 go. Porridge is a good option. I usually cook my girl's porridge in the pressure cooker(double boil method to avoid burnt). today my pressure cooker gets to rest =)

I cook the plain porridge with conpoy 1st, fried the wanton skin for garnishing. When the porridge is about done, I scoop out my girl's portion and cook it further on stove w the necessary ingredient like fish n etc. I added the ho see aka dried oyster and braised peanuts at this point to the main pot of porridge. I love my rice cooker... it doesnt serve its purpose as rice cooker, instead as a porridge cooker cos it always give me the HK style porridge! Thick n smooth!

Ho See Fa Sang Chok with Conpoy

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Steam Pork Ribs with Black Bean Garlic Sauce

My sis came over the other day and i got her to help me buy dried diced black bean to steam the ribs HK style, but she got me the black bean garlic sauce instead =S

I dont really like this sauce as it seems bit too strong .. but I cant let it go to waste.. So i steam the ribs anyway!

its certainly not like the HK style steam pork ribs that we eat at the dim sum restaurant. but nonetheless it taste good... So long as the ribs is steam till so soft that it will drop off the bones.. the people in the house will eat it!

Thanx to my pressure cooker to achieve the effect!

Steam Pork rib withe black bean sauce

p/s: I added some chili slices to lift the taste of the sauce.