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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Imperial Osmanthus Cake

Whenever I watch those TVB series..esp in those olden era... peopel liekt o give their love ones Osmanthus cake.. seems like tis the emperor's favourite... I always wonder how it taste like. I can only imagine the fragrance...

Finaly today I have enough courage to try it out.. added wofberries for the colour...

At 1st I thought it was a failure.. cos after steaming it was like thick and runny... not liek cake.. more like mousse.. I left it aside.. who knows after it cool down.. it set.. YIPEE! I use my chwee kueh mould and my SUPER mini chiffon mould to steam them.. why I say super mini? cos i got chiffon cake mould in 3 size.. the mini one is onli 2 inch wide hehhehe
---Gave Kellie and boys soem fo the above to try.. they love it.. Im so happie...
Guess this is a fantastic dish to make for CNY since its totaly vegetarian.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Kek Lapis

Finaly got enough courage.. and out of my lazy shell to do this...
thanx to Serene who came and help mi get my condense milk..else the lapis will not be here today.

This is Kek Lapis not kueh Lapis.. the kueh lapis is the colourful and steam one that is call nonya kueh.
Many people liek to eat this for CNy.. i dont know the real reason.. but its very expensive selling out there.. like $40 per cake. Mainly because this requires alot of work.. i gotto stand in front of the oven for 3 hours do layer by layer..
Now I must get smart.. nxt time if I want to do i shall do 2 cake at 1 go LOL.. that way also about 3 hours plus.. gheez....

Close up view

Most people bake in square tin.. i dont know why but my square tin too big.. so i use my round one. Well looks decent enough.. now gotto wait and see if tomolo it will mellow and taste better... I simply love the smell.

Thanx to Cranberry who share this with me... hope I got guts to try KH's one soon

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pooh Birthday Cake

Its Little Jo's birthday.
No... not my son.. its my friend's hehe Joel's birthday
So I got chance to use my pooh tin.. fuss between the full body pooh or the head.. finaly decided on the head..

Well.. naked pooh...

Pooh After Make up... hehe

Originaly was suposed to use red cream for the shirt. somehow... well... I can tget the perfect colour and tot the cream will be too much and ger lak... so I use gel instead... good choice! Thou the red part not very neat...
For the 1st time.. the filling is mango mousse with egg white... somethg I never dare to try but my friend Jenny tell mi its good... so I gave it a try... well after some hiccups.. and almost throw the filling away... I got to use it cos it taste VERY GOOD.. I will do the filling again! lets see whose bday.. hehe

Anyway Little Joel.. Happy Birthday to u...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Play Ground

MIA for long time.. I know hehe.. been sick.. in and out of hospital... then resting and recuperating.. so not much excitement recently...
Anyway want to show off my humble messy kitchen...

Here goes

My 2nd best friend.. oven and stove...

My cleaning area... sink and dish rack

My laundry area.. recently added table so I can stow away my bake ware hehe

My bonus area.. cos Dear kindly hack away wall and rebiuild door so I can have space to build extra cabinet to store my stuff.. and that is why I got place for my big baby.. the mixer =)

Messy right?? Dear say soo.. but then again its clean enuff to pass NEA standard hehe