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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blue Berry Muffin

I been on a baking craze.. Baking like 2 items a day for the past week... Most of the time is either to test out recipes... and of cos to feed myself LOL.. not forgetting that I need to clear my pantry n freezer...

Been on lazy mode so no pics.. until today =p

Did blueberry muffins... with cinammon powder added..
Saw the recipe at Daily delicious and tot its worth giving a try!
Oh well.. no regrets hee...

Pardon me for the blurry pic.. my hand been very shaky recently... weak weak weak! and my micron lens is very sensitive to movement...sigh.. But good muffins makes mi day!!!
2 more box of blueberries to clear!!! I saw an strussel muffin or some sort on Daily's site.. mayb I shall give it a try hehe

Hazel Birthday Cuppies

Mei had requested me to bake a cake for Hazel birthday party on sunday.
However due to many reasons... I couldnt do it for her..
so instead... she asked for cupcakes for the sch mini celebration instead

The little birthday girl who made decision of red n pink theme.. and I suggested little happy faces with the kids name on each individual...

Oh yes..chocolate cupcakes was requested.. Im sure kids love chocolate dun they?

Friday, May 22, 2009

For a GF of mine

I have been thinking of doing something for A's bday since very long ago but somethg will always crop up and I cant baked the bday cake.. This yr she have her little boy who share the same birthday as her to celebrate the special hatch day. And I finally found no hiccups to baking her something.
A loves my bake.. and many of my bakes will have her share and I guess she will love this chocolate cupcakes too!
I made chocolate mint ganache for the topping.
As usual I try to practice my rose swirl.. and I think I got it already!!!
After buying my new toy for more than half a year finally I am using it...
My little inprint set!!!

Wishing A a blessed bday..
I did the cuppies today in advance for her so that she can share the cuppies in the CG

1 more new toy..
trying out my silicon mould I got eons ago... cos I am goign to buy more this weekend w my kakis!
Quite dainty yea??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Butter cake

Over the years.. I been searching high n low for a good butter cake recipe..
1 that is not too dense... not too soft like cotton...
My benchmark for nice butter cake.. was set when I was young.. Big aunt will always visit us with a box of sliced butter cake she buy from the near by bakery at her place. The cake is always soft n fragrant...

Anyway... I saw Florence baked this butter cake and I told myself I must try since her recipe always work well for me.
This recipe calls for Golden churn butter.. and well I supose its realy good since it makes the cake v moist haha not forgetting... the whip cream plays a big part in it too...

After 1 hour of mixing, baking, washing up.. my cake is ready!!

Butter Cake

It sure looks dense... But dun get fooled!! Its soft too!! Not forgetting sinful haha... its not too sweet.. could taste a little salt in it too which is great!
I gt too hungry I ate 2 slice at 1 go for my tea break... Im gg to giv half to Agnes later on.. while reserving the rest for BF tomolo as well as to let dear have a piece (or 2?).

I have some left over cream.. and I guess I be baking this again pretty soon!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweetie Cuppies...

May had ordered these cuppies form me for her cousin 21st bday... what a nice cousin =)

As Im busy n tired.. I could only do floral design. And she kindly obliged...

I try to do different design.. so that different tier of the cupcake stand have diff style...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cereal Fried Rice

Months ago we had our 1st encounter with Cereal Fried Rice at 1 of the restaurant at Vivo City.
Fragrant.. was the word to describe...
Oh yes.. expensive too! it barely filled my tummy.. or perhaps it was too yummy thats y....
Immediately we tot of DIY it at home...

Moons later.. finaly.... I did it!
Sloggish day for me today... after many chores.. finaly I got my butts down to do this for dinner

Not exactly the same as the one in restaurant I must say... but its still realy Yummy!
1 thing thou... I cooked it too early and left it till dinner time.. the cereal arent crispy any more..
*frown* but its still yummy hahahaaaaa im a glutton!!!!

Its similar to cooking cereal prawns I guess but the last time I cook cereal prawns was when I was still staying in KA LOL...

Anyway heres how I cooked it

Cereal Fried Rice


50g Butter (can be slightly more)
3 Egg yolk
Curry leaves
Chili padi
Salt n sugar to taste
Frozen mix vegetable
Crabstick, cubed
Nestle Cereal
Fish Sauce to taste

1. Melt butter in pan, add in egg yolk n fry till fragrant.
2. Add in curry leaves n chili padi n fry till fragrant.
3. Add in prawns, crabstick as well as frozen vege.
4. Add in Cereal n fry till fragrant n crispy. Be careful not to burn the cereal.
5. Add salt n sugar to taste...
6. Add in cooked rice and add a dash of fish sauce or 2 for some flavour...

Serve immediately!
Else the cereal will lose its crispiness!!