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Saturday, May 31, 2008

When the Bear and the Pancake Meet

I did this pancake few mth back when J gave me a pack of the mix.. and it was rather good except that We find it a bit dry.. but I was guessing I can jus add more milk...
So when i was grocery shopping weeks back, I grabbed a pack...
This morning I did breakfast hastily with this.. Added more milk. I actualy add milk till i tink the consistency is watery enuff to be poured into the mould unlike the previous time it was rather thick n gooey. Added in some vanila pods too
I got the bear silicon mould from Daiso in Feb.. Finaly I can perform the opening ceremony for it... Thats how bear n pancake meet!
Vanila Pancake
Its realy much softer n fluffier now... yumm.. we fin all w strawberry pregel, my vanila icecream as well as some frozen korean strawberry.
Inside of the pancake

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Rice Burgers are 1 of the hot items in Mos Burger. needless to say its my fav too since I need alot of carbs everyday. Their rice burgers are hardly filling, Especialy I cannot take french fries that comes w the meal..

I thought it will be fun to make my own rice burger But nevre got to figure out how to make the rice patty... until I saw the mould at Daiso...

Dear doesnt like to eat rice, and the best way to make hime at rice is to go Jap. I'm quite successful thou, he have been asking for onigiri haha.. and so today's burger(he love burger) consist of rice... Gg to con him into eating rice again ~evil~

I started off with the filling and I thought of making herbal chicken thighs today. And it seems great to go along w some salad and the rice burger of cos. I onli grounded some dang gui then marinate the chicken with abalone sauce as well as some wolf berries.

Grilling it to perfection, I went off to settle the rice. Took me quite a while before I got the rice properly done the way I wanted. I couldnt figure out shld I have sticky rice or grainy ones thou of cos the sushi rice are obviously stickier than the thai rice.

Pressing the rice into the moulds, I thought the rice patty look too thick n huge.. (worrying if we can ever fin the burger), but hack lar.. jus do it... Ws kidn of scare the rice will b too bland so at the bottom patty I drizzled some of the gravy of the grilled chicken on it.

Topping it with a bit of jap fish floss since I was afraid it might look too dull..

Herbal chicken Rice Burger

The intial plan was jus to eat the burger off the plate... ~naive~
I forgot in Mos Burger, they serve with the wrapper, so the rice dont fall all over. So I decided to wrap it up too... with nori.

Quite a good idea..
In less than 10 mins.. we polished up the plate.. no mess. And its YUMMY...
oh ya..now I know why MB burger are never filling..the rice is not even half a portion of my usual one... tskkk

Dear asked: What other flavours next time?


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

French Vanilla Icecream

Hijakcing K's kenwood i/c maker, I attempted the french vanila icecream. .While I have been making icecream without the aid of a ice cream maker since years ago, I think an icecream maker is an added bonus to the kitchen.. must hint to dear for the cuisineart one huh?

Anyway, I dont really know the difference between the french icecream and the usual one(I did not eat i/c when I was in France haha.. I think the difference lies in the amount of egg. This recipe calls for 8 yolks. And the result? Ultra creamy icecream.

I used 5 vanila pods. yes I am greedy.. I want it to taste the best. Cos the ice cream King at home will prefer it to b the best.. But I think I tempered the yolks wrongly, resulting in many millions of tiny egg custard in the mixture.. After much sieveing n etc.. I thought it still tasted eggy.. and so I proceeded to add my own homemade vanila extract. Thankfully after freezing over night in the fridge.. the eggy taste was gone.

French Vanila Ice cream

Dear gave a 8/10 for the icecream. When I asked himhw it tasted like... he pointed to my bottle of extract. So indeed, its vanila icecream....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apple Crumble Pie

last week I had Apple crumble at T3 Coffee club which is our favourite coffee joint... The miserable crumble makes mi feel miserable and after the lemon tart.. I begin to fall in love with its crust.. which is a very rare phenomenon since I dun like crusty stuff...

Was talking to my kaki bout apple crumble pie and we agree to do 1 each for exchg... at diff days of cos.. how on earth can we fin so much apple crumble in a day??

At CS we saw some pretty nice Granny Smith green apple.. and ok so there goes 8 apples in the basket along with my grocery..

I decided to use my almost new tart tin for this tart since I had onli used it once, and its removable bottom is fantastic for such tart not forgetting its height is realy good.. myother pie tin are too shallow.

As I sat in front of my computer waiting for the arrival of the egg todo the crust... suddenly I re-read my recipe and to my horror.. I dont need eggs for this recipe at all.. damnnn
I quickly run to the kitchen and got started... Originaly the recipe says use 4 apple but i think with the all so deep pie tin.. I need 6 .. end up I used up all 8... LOL

Doubling up my tart recipe for this.. and 1.5 times for the topping..
After much peeling and cutting of the apple...

Apple Crumble Pie

I think I prob have either over baked the pie, my apples arent crunchy.. or I have cooked it slightly too long.. nxt rnd I might just bake it w/o cooking.. Nonetheless we all love this... Dear suggested some vanila ice cream to go along with it... no prize for guessing what i did after baking this =)

Bye Bye to Coffee Club Apple Crumble...

Dinner for 2

While out shopping with Xavier on Saturday at Vivo Giant.. I saw a huge sharkfin melon. I thought of making soup with it, since last week I have made soup like lotus root as well as old cucumber and run of of idea what other soup to make.. But its too big.. Luckily the lady agree to halve it for me...

As usual.. Getting my P-Cooker to work again.. yummy soup
I tried using some frozen spare ribs I got from cold stroage..surprisngly they are much better than those of NTUC.. its the prime ribs unlike the ntuc ones which are soup bone ribs.
Now we are a big fan of this brand of ribs.. hee
Just throw in a handful of red dates and also a honey date, not forgetting the sharkfin melon which have been rid of the seed n skin then boil for 20 mins and let the PC do the rest of the job..
Last time when mum cook shark fin melon she will use the tedious method of using a steamer to steam the melon 1st and take out the shark fin like meat from the melon.. but Im just too lazy...
Also I gave all my dry cuttle fish n etc a skip.. I just wan somethg light for dinner...
Sharkfin Melon Soup
The soup is indeed sweet n light.. very yummy
Then I need sth else to go w the soup since its probably not enuff to feed an ever growing me.. hehe..
With the fish paste I got, I used J method of cooking it w eggs. Just whisk up the egg, add inthe fish paste and used my fork to slice the paste up ... I pan fry them to satisfaction...
Like she say : chai tow kueh...
Oh.. I added some cilantro into the mixture too since we love that tate too...
Fish Paste Omelette
I kept some soup for tomolo so I can make noodles with it.. `giggle`...
Now I scratching head what soup for thurs... Helppppppp

Sunday, May 25, 2008

XO Noodles with mini Abalone

After making lunch today.. I was too lazy to even step out of the house to do any grocery, despite I know what I need to cook for the night. I got Dear to go out and buy the noodles I needed for the XO fried noodles which Joshie blog about.. It proves to be a big big mistake.. instead of the yee mee... he got mi some instant noodle alike dry noodles... grr.. no choice.. gotto eat that then...

Usingthe same method as mentioned, I replace the razor clams with mini abalone as I realise I ran out of that... And I got too much abalone to clear... Dear will be all too happie to eat them haha
Also I use leeks instead.. been sometime since I last cook with leeks... Together with the XO sauce.. yummy!

Xo Fried noodles with Mini Abalone

Now I got some left over abalones.. wondering what to cook for tomolo...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lemon What??

Lemon.. 1 of my favourite fruit/food. Cos I have no sweet tooth. =p
Yesterday I asked Dear to choose something for me to bake from my new William Sonamas cookie book which was my latest gift from J.
And he chose this. Not a bad idea.. since I have lemon in the fridge.. but he asked if I can do lychee bar instead..how weird.. I say >>> NO.

The smelting weather today isnt a good day to attempt this at all. The crust is too buttery.. that it melts in no time despite I minimised the handling of the dough with my hand. But I told myself I must bake this since I'm on off today... The recipe is easier than I thought except the crust part..
Tweaking the amount of sugar a little.. I realised.. I haven got a rectangular tart mould... How to have lemon BARS when the dun even look like bar?? I shuttled between my 2 cupboard.. cant decide to use the removable mini tart mould.. or the big tart mold... Finaly I decided they shall be made into lemon tarts instead.. I want to use the mini moulds since its been ages since I touch them..

After an hour... heres what I get..

Lemon Tarts

Lemon Tarts

As I bite into the tarts while blogging this entry.. Im hooked! I think I realy want to buy a rectangular tart mould now... yummm

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shark Fin Omelette

U probably eaten this at wedding banquet for the starter dish. I rem its pretty salty..

Out marketing w J today... and we were talking bout crabmeat n sharkfin omelette when we saw them at the fridge.. I thought since I have many shark fin left.. why not give it a try...

Defrosting my fins, and using the fresh crab meat I gotten earlier, I did this for dinner.
For those instance.. I forgot how it shld taste like... grrr... my memory is failing.. and I did the omelette too thin I think.. While the crunch from the fins are visible.. I think its not realy that tasty.. Perhaps its becos I left out the msg...

Anyway... here goes..

Shark fin Omelette with CrabMeat

I have got more fins to clear.. looks like the best way is still shark fin soup...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mushroom Creamy Pasta

After a few night of asian dishes... its time for a change.. what else but the boring pasta.. I decided to do the sauce from scratch. we r not fans of tomato base pasta..and so it only means I must do the cream base one. With some pointers from wokking mum entry, I fig out I can use my non dairy cream as well since I have got plentiful of them in my fridge. Somehow the non dairy cream seems to b sweeter than I thought. I thought it tasted weird

Rummaging thru my fridge.. I found some half shelled scallops as well. and there they goes into the pasta as well. And mincing the garlic and deep fry them to crispy bits as toppings for the pasta... Thats about all..

Presenting to u

Mushroom Scallopini Pasta in Cream Sauce

Dear finished the whole serving with no complains. So i think I should pass the test =)

The garlic topping makes a big difference int he taste of the pasta.. Definitely more fragrant.. I made a large batch to keep so I can use them for my cooking =)

Oriental Lagsana

Like I mentioned in the previous post, this week I am going to attempt another oriental theme food item
And who else can provide me with such interesting recipe other than Ginny? LOLz
Anyway, well.. 1st of all this recipe uses 2 thing I hate... 1, luncheon meat and 2, soda crackers. And becos I need to clear my pantry of the excess luncheon meat (I wasnt the one who buy them!) , I made my way to the mart to buy the crackers for this dish.. since Ginny made this for 1 of our tea party and I thought I dun mind making this just to clear stock.. My friends will HATE me cos now there is a shortage of lucheon meat in the market and here Im trying to use them up...
With some curry powder and my favourite onion... I did the filling and steam the whole lagsana in my 23cm sq pan..

Oriental Lagsana

I was rushing thru hoping I can finish cooling it by 1215 so that I can give some to my friends.. but I was too slow... I took more than half hour jus to prepare this.. So I gotto give her tomorrow instead. The chilli almost killed me! but I like.. HAHA
I had this for lunch just now.. Perhaps I really dislike luncheon meat... I find it very saltish.. thou the texture wasnt too bad.. I finished it all the same =) I think I can try to substitute it with minced meat or wat so ever nxt round.

Back in KA, I rem we had like 12 can of Luncheon meat @ home.. and I tink I only cooked a can.. the rest was all given away to our friends who were dying of withdrawal syndrome of no lucheong meat... I duno whats the big deal of eating lucheong meat.. its nothg but processed meat with loads of salt.. Cant think of the goodness in it at all.. and of cos I siam my way when I get inivited to our colleagues house when they have luncheon meat party... Bet they are pleased to have invited me cos I dun fight with them over this little 'treasure'.

Now... I have 1 more can of luncheon meat to clear..perhaps I should 'auction' it off... haha.. I know Im alien... I hate luncheon meat..

Monday, May 19, 2008


We had a hard time thinking what to have for dinner.. Finally, Dear said he wanted the triangle rice... haa.. sounds like kiddy language huh.. well thanx to the bento stuff I purchase on friday w the girls. Onigiri thats it!

I cant tink of any filling apart from tuna.. until I decided to cook some vegie and meat and stuff them into the onigiri. Armed with some spinach and also some teriyaki pork.. I proceeded.

While this is my 2nd time trying to do bento.. I tink I added a bit too much water to the rice.. it was mashier than before.

Anyway, we had a great meal.. not forgetting a healthy one..


Dear asked for chuka hotate as well...

Chuka Hotate

He request I made such bentos for him to work nxt time... hehe.. so excited!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sambal Belachan

I dunno if I can call this sambal belechan.. I assume I can Since I did this to fry kang kong.

I dun realy dare to do belachan since the kitchen or rather the whole house will stink up...
But I am craving for spicy stuff thi sfew days and so... hehe

Pretty easy n yummy too...

Sambal Belachan

before I forget.. let me jot down the ingredients needed:

Handful of Dried shrimps, washed n soaked in water
½ inch pc of belacan
6-8 red chillies
1 onion
8 or more garlic cloves
Some oil


1. Soak dried shrimps with water.
2. Blend together (or use a mortar & pestle) chilies, belacan, garlics and onion till a paste is form. Add in shrimp and blend for a while just to break it into pieces.
3. Heat oil and fry paste for 5 minutes or more until fragrant. Colour shld turn darker.
4. Let cool n used accordingly

I made extras to freeze so I can use it whenever I want...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More n More

I was rummaging thru my freezer and I found a pack of duck leg.. ahh I must have forgotten bout it eversince I got it.. Roast duck came to my mine.. but hey.. there is 3 legs in thr.. and only 2 of us... I decided to make lor ark with 1 of it.

Half way thru... thinking 1 leg is not enuff for 2.. so I decided to add on 2 hard boil eggs...
Then thinkign thinking... aiya... I tink can cook kway chap.. *giggle* and so.. I added a pc of tau kwa and braised some peanuts as well...

Never ending?? ya u bet.. cos I end up making some chai buay as well

Duck Kway Chap with Tau Kwa and eggs

Braised Peanuts

Chai Buay

Serve with some kueh teow in spice soup garnished with loads os coriander... its yummy
While it doesnt taste like those selling outside, it definitely taste good.. at least we wallop everythg.

Now I got spare braised peanuts and chai buay... anytime I can eat it with porridge on a hot day...

Thanx to my PC for being able to make all this yummy... hehe

Oriental Bread Pudding

While I was procastinating between to make the western bread pudding which I have never tried before, and this one here which Ginny had brought along for our party a few months back. Talking to pawpaw, askign ehr bout her BP... seems liek its such baby food stuff.. I really dun wan to try haha.. All will end up in the bin I know..

So here goes.. I tried my hands on this... I did not managed to achieve the pretty ones as Ginny did.. but nonetheless, it was yummy (of cos Ginny's one seems better leh).

Oriental Bread Pudding

I named it so because, initialy when I saw its original name, it never came to my mind that its yummy. Because of the pictures I saw.. gooey n yucky.. definitely not appetitsing. Thanx to Ginny and thus I decided to name it "Oriental Bread Pudding" since I also want to attempt her Oriental lagsana recipe.

It taste almost like yam kueh. and with the lao cheong and dry shrimps as filling cum topping.. Its definitely heavenly... And I made quite a fair bit so I can share w my friend =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Har Mein

I disappeared from the blogging world for quite a while, but I been actively working hard in kitchen. Just no time to blog since Im tired at the end of the day when I reached home.

Squeezing in some time to update the blog before it gets dusty, rusty... hee

Sudden tot of eating prawn mee 1 day, and knowing myself, Im such a fussy pot when it comes to te soup, and no thanx to the place I stay, there isnt a decent Har Mein. My fav one is supposedly the one at Geylang Lor 1, if not the one at Joo chiat. And here I decded to cook some har mein myself since I have enuff prawns head n shell to make the stock.. With a big pork bone in hand... and not forgetting my v trusted WMF pressure cooker. I managed to make a pot of yummy stock. Oh yes. I forgot to add, I added some korean chili powder to the stock too!

Normaly when I have Har Mein, I will ordered it w pork ribs since Im a carnivore.. I need meat to stay happy =p oh yes not forgetting pig tail too!! Now I regret not buying the pig tail when I sa it... haiz...

Anyway, heres my Mar Mein, top w some pork slices, fish cake, kang kong.. and prawns of cos!!!!

Har Mein

Thanx to dear for the new toy that I managed to cook the stock in such a short period of time.
Im definitely making full use of it if not working it to death HAa..

I have some left over stock which kind soul suggested me freezing them so I can cook w mee sua or instant noodle when Im hungry... GOOD IDEA!!

I decided to cook this becos, I had use a instant pack of har mein powder but it sadly disappoint me. Therefore, heres Jo's Har Mein!!