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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

French Vanilla Icecream

Hijakcing K's kenwood i/c maker, I attempted the french vanila icecream. .While I have been making icecream without the aid of a ice cream maker since years ago, I think an icecream maker is an added bonus to the kitchen.. must hint to dear for the cuisineart one huh?

Anyway, I dont really know the difference between the french icecream and the usual one(I did not eat i/c when I was in France haha.. I think the difference lies in the amount of egg. This recipe calls for 8 yolks. And the result? Ultra creamy icecream.

I used 5 vanila pods. yes I am greedy.. I want it to taste the best. Cos the ice cream King at home will prefer it to b the best.. But I think I tempered the yolks wrongly, resulting in many millions of tiny egg custard in the mixture.. After much sieveing n etc.. I thought it still tasted eggy.. and so I proceeded to add my own homemade vanila extract. Thankfully after freezing over night in the fridge.. the eggy taste was gone.

French Vanila Ice cream

Dear gave a 8/10 for the icecream. When I asked himhw it tasted like... he pointed to my bottle of extract. So indeed, its vanila icecream....