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Sunday, May 25, 2008

XO Noodles with mini Abalone

After making lunch today.. I was too lazy to even step out of the house to do any grocery, despite I know what I need to cook for the night. I got Dear to go out and buy the noodles I needed for the XO fried noodles which Joshie blog about.. It proves to be a big big mistake.. instead of the yee mee... he got mi some instant noodle alike dry noodles... grr.. no choice.. gotto eat that then...

Usingthe same method as mentioned, I replace the razor clams with mini abalone as I realise I ran out of that... And I got too much abalone to clear... Dear will be all too happie to eat them haha
Also I use leeks instead.. been sometime since I last cook with leeks... Together with the XO sauce.. yummy!

Xo Fried noodles with Mini Abalone

Now I got some left over abalones.. wondering what to cook for tomolo...