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Friday, May 23, 2008

Lemon What??

Lemon.. 1 of my favourite fruit/food. Cos I have no sweet tooth. =p
Yesterday I asked Dear to choose something for me to bake from my new William Sonamas cookie book which was my latest gift from J.
And he chose this. Not a bad idea.. since I have lemon in the fridge.. but he asked if I can do lychee bar instead..how weird.. I say >>> NO.

The smelting weather today isnt a good day to attempt this at all. The crust is too buttery.. that it melts in no time despite I minimised the handling of the dough with my hand. But I told myself I must bake this since I'm on off today... The recipe is easier than I thought except the crust part..
Tweaking the amount of sugar a little.. I realised.. I haven got a rectangular tart mould... How to have lemon BARS when the dun even look like bar?? I shuttled between my 2 cupboard.. cant decide to use the removable mini tart mould.. or the big tart mold... Finaly I decided they shall be made into lemon tarts instead.. I want to use the mini moulds since its been ages since I touch them..

After an hour... heres what I get..

Lemon Tarts

Lemon Tarts

As I bite into the tarts while blogging this entry.. Im hooked! I think I realy want to buy a rectangular tart mould now... yummm