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Friday, October 20, 2006

NO Updates

Dear all
Pardon of the lack of updates.. Been cooking regularly but no mood to blog.. since most of the time is about the same thing.. and Im in holiday mood... going off to Hawaii soon... so will be absent for another 2 weeks =) catcha all soon yeah
Happy Baking/cooking

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Its Lemon day.. so I also make this

Its very very fluffy and soft.. I did a big and a mini one as usual.. overbake the mini one so a bit dry..but the big one was fluffy.. GREAT! I though.. but... aiya.. i itchy hand.. use lemon.. so its sour lor.. so ermm if ppl dunno they might think errr.. its spoil and turn sour hahaha but the smell is good! very refreshing.. hope my friends can stand the taste tomolo at the chalet.. so soft if no one eat I very sad one leh...

Will attempt again next week with orange =)

Lemon Curd Tart

Thursday... Lemon day
2 days ago I finaly found the pie tin I wanted at Jurong.. so finaly I can do this..

Really yummy.. I cant wait so long to stir the curd over the double boiler.. so I MV the curd instead.. a bit ermm... over cook? heh but still nice.. the curd a bit like lemon jam.. and the filling is cream cheese...

Baked Lemon Chiffon also.. Will post later

Monday, October 09, 2006

Xmas fruit Cake

Hey people im back in action ...

did an early xmas fruit cake for a gathering for tomorrow.

So what goes behind a good fruit cake? To me.. any kind of butter base cake wors fine.. its the fruit itself that is impt.. for mine.. i soak my fruits in lemon zest and alcohol for months.. really months I meant.. i think almost 10 month old fruits ... its heavenly!! the plump raisin.. juicy cherry and peels... yummy...
Just in time for xmas cake sale!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mickey Mooncake

Just ate a mooncake all by myself... A mickey mouse mooncake to be exact.. Rach got this for me from HK...
Verdict: not too bad.. not sweet and skin not too thick...

Wanted to save half for Dear but I was too hungry.. so I ate it all up

Monday, October 02, 2006

Shotglass Collection

1st, thanx to all my friends who help me add to this small collection of mine. Not forgetting Dear, who walk miles with me just to find a shotglass when we go travelling.

This collection(about 23 pieces now and still counting) was started when we went to Sweden, under some influence I must say, I took onto this hobby, Since many of them collect HRC bears and stuff.. indeed, 1 new addition of the shotglass makes my day.. Yesterday too! Wanting Exchg 1 Toronto shotglass with 1 of my Seoul glass.. which incidentally, was bought by her whn she went Korea. I went Korea 1st, but thou I walk miles to HRC, I did not buy as I was just a student then, No money to spend on such things. So when she went in recent years, I tompang her to buy =)

Among some, are my fav. The Icelandic one(the 1st one in front). Long story.. When we finaly reach a ULU place like Iceland. Search high and low for the HRC.. only to our dismay they sold out their shotglass... Icelandic people are damn nice.. the lady offer to reserve for me when stock comes in 2 weeks and ship to me FOC... Gosh.. I bet my friends who din managed to get it are all envious. Thou I regreted big time now that I gave 1 pc of the 1 pair to my cousin..cos I feel he din cherish it properly...chuck it in his car booth for months.. (maybe its already broken now) should have given it to Wanting instead..damn....

Anyway, some of them as I mention my gfs got for mi when they went overseas, like those from Lisbon, Madrid, Toronto, Leeds, Tokyo, Dubai etc.. Caca herself got 1 pair of Beijing ones.. she kindly gave me 1 piece later on when I move house hahaa

These are another range of shotglass.. from Disneyland, Dubai special edition, from London, Australia (dear bought it for me =) ) etc..

These are smaller in size but with tapered end. The middle one is from ice Hotel in Sweden.. anotehr precious one since not many people go to Ice hotel in Singapore... the other is from Morrum in Sweden wehre we go and see people fish for salmon. the 3rd one is of cos from Pisa =)

These pair are both from England. 1 was from Stonehenge (I rem that place was freakign chilly) and the other from Bath Town where all the roman baths are... Squarish deisgn.. very sleek =)

this is bought by Dear in Germany I think.. its sold in Singapore also.. there is a coutner at Taka B1 that sells and also a shop at Citylink if im not wrong.. very cute.. thou quite light..

The funny thing is.. till now I still do not have KL and BangkOK one! arghh... I gonna get hold of 1 soon...

Baileys Snowskin Mooncake

Did this the other day.. Funny experience
I thought it smell disgusting when I mix it.. then my gf all love it!.. even the most fussy eater.. haha.. think there is a demand for these really

will attempt this again if there is any request =)