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Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming 2008

I prob have a boring eve.. since I am stuck with sugar paste work... for a wedding cuppy order.

While it look really boring... I must say... NO FEAR... cos Im gg to have wine n cheese with Angie n Alvin later on... not forgetting eat out dinner of cos.

Partying is always part of NYE agenda for many I gueess

So How about some Liqueur? heee

Cool huh.. I wonder how much can I drink if I see the above.... I tink I willprob drink and puke like Merlion manz..

Now for a change... How about a little reading on alcohoroscope??


ARIES Drinking style

Impulsive Aries people like to party and sometime sdon't know when to call it a night. Their competitive streak makes them prone to closing-time shot contests. They're sloppy, fun drunks, and they get mighty flirty after a couple tipples.

Getting Aries people drunk I sa good way to get what you want out of them, should other methods fail. Aries can become bellicose when blotto, but they will assume that whatever happened should be forgiven (if not forgotten) by sunrise. They can be counted on to do the same for you -- so long as you haven't gone and done anything really horrible to them last night, you sneaky Gemini.

TAURUS Drinking style

Taurus prefers to drink at a leisurely pace, aiming for a mellow glow rather than a full-on zonk. Since a truly intoxicated Taurus is a one-person stampede, the kind of bull-in-a-china-shop inebriate who spills red wine on white carpets and tells fart jokes to employers, the preference for wining and dining (or Bud and buddies) to body shots and barfing is quite fortunate for the rest of us. This is not to say that the Bull is by any means a teetotaler -- god, no ..

A squiffy Taurus will get, er, gregarious (full of loud mouth soup, some would say) and is extremely amusing to drag to a karaoke bar when intoxicated.

GEMINI Drinking style

Gemini's can drink without changing their behavior much-- they're so naturally chatty and short-attention-spanned that it's just hard to tell sometimes. They can amaze you by conversing with finesse and allusion, then doing something to belie an extremely advanced state of intoxication, like puking in your shoe.

Gemini's possess the magic ability to flirt successfully (and uninfuriatingly, which is very tricky) with several people at once. They like to order different cocktails every round -- repetition is boring -- and may create a theme (like yellow drinks: beer, sauvignon blanc and limoncello) for their own amusement.

CANCER Drinking style

Cancer is a comfort drinker -- and an extra wine with dinner or an after-work beer or six can be extra comforting, can't it, Cancer darling? Like fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces, Crabs must guard against lushery. Cancers are brilliant at ferreting out secret parties and insinuating themselves on VIP lists -- and, in true Hollywood style,

Cancers are never really drunk; instead, they get "tired and emotional" (read: weepy when lubricated). But there's nothing better than swapping stories (and spit) over a few bottles of inky red wine with your favorite Cancer. Even your second-favorite Cancer will do. The sign also rules the flavor vanilla, and you'd be adored if you served up a vanilla vodka and soda.

LEO Drinking style

Leo likes to drink and dance -- they're often fabulous dancers, and usually pretty good drinkers as well, losing their commanding dignity and turning kittenish. Of course, they're quite aware that they're the darling --Leos will be Leos, after all.

They generally know their limit, probably because they loathe losing self-control. When they get over-refreshed, expect flirting to ensue -- and perhaps not with the one who they were with :-) But Leo's not the type to break rules even when drunk, so just try to ignore it (try harder, Cancer) and expect a sheepish (and hung over) Lion to make it up to you the next day.

VIRGO Drinking style

Cerebral Virgos are compelled to impose order onto their bender. Their famously fussy quest for purity could lead to drinking less than other signs, sure --but it could also lead to drinking booze neat, to sucking down organic wine or just to brand loyalty. They rarely get fully shellacked -- but, oh, when they do! Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy).

As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low-level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the sub genius IQ!

LIBRA Drinking style

"I'm jusht a social drinker," slurs Libra, "it's jusht that I'm so damn social?" Libra loves nothing more than to party, mingle and relate to everyone. Whether dipped in favor of Good Libra (with Insta-Frienddevice set to "on") or heavier on the Evil Libra side (they are little instigators when bored), the Scales can really work a room.

Charming as they are, Libras are notoriously lacking in self-control, however, which can get them into all sorts of trouble --including wearing their wobbly boots waaaay too early in the evening, flirting with every man/woman in the roomor even blacking out the night's events entirely. Oops!

SCORPIO Drinking style

Don't ever tell Scorpios they've had enough, for they'll smirk at you and quietly but intentionally keep tippling till they're hog-whimpering drunk, out of 100-proof spite. Scorpios like to drink, and screw you if you have a problem with that. Most of them seethe sauce as something to savor in itself, and not asa personality-altering tool -- though if depressed, self-loathing Scorps seek total obliteration. But generally, they're fascinating drinking pals, brilliant conversationalists and dizzying flirts.

They also remember everything -- especially what you did when you were blitzed. Only drink with a Scorpio who likes you.

SAGITTARIUS Drinking style

In vino veritas -- and, for Sagittarius, in booze blurtiness: When buttered, they'll spill all your secrets and many of their own. Tactlessness aside, Sagittarius is just plain fun to drink with. This is a sign of serious partying (what else would you expect from the sign of Sinatra, Keith Richards, the Bush twins and Anna Nicole Smith?). They're the people who chat up everyone in the room, then persuade the entire crowd to travel somewhere else -- like a nightclub, or a playground, or Cancun .

Good-natured hijinks are sure to ensue (including a high possibility of loopy groping; spontaneous Sag is a brilliant booty call).

CAPRICORN Drinking style

Capricorn is usually described as practical, steadfast, money-hungry and status-thirsty -- no wonder they get left off the astrological cocktail-party list. But this is the sign of David Bowie and Annie Lennox, not to mention Elvis. Capricorn is the true rock star: independent, powerful and seriously charismatic, not too eager to please. And if they make money being themselves, who're you to quibble?

But just like most rock stars, they're either totally on or totally off, and they generally need a little social lubricant to loosen up and enjoy the after party, especially if they can hookup with a cute groupie.

AQUARIUS Drinking style

Aquarius and drinking don't go together that well(except for water, that is). They have an innate tendency toward know-it-allism, and if they get an idea while sizzled, they're more stubborn than a stain or a stone. If they're throwing a party or organizing an outing, however, they're too preoccupied with their duties to get combative -- and they make perfectly charming drunks in that case.

Fortunately, they're usually capital drink-nursers. They also make the best designated drivers (if you can get them before they start raising their wrist) :Aquarius is fascinated by drunk people and capable of holding interesting conversations with soused strangers while sober.

PISCES Drinking style

If you're a Pisces, you've probably already heard that you share a sign and an addictive personality --with Liz Taylor, Lisa Minnelli and Kurt Cobain. Not only do Pisces like to lose themselves in the dreamy, out-there feeling that only hooch can give, but they build up a mighty tolerance fast. Who needs an expensive date like that? On the other hand, they're fabulously enchanting partners, whether in conversation or in crime.

With the right Pisces, you can start out sharing a pitcher of margaritas and windup in bed together for days. The phrase "addictive personality" can be read two ways, you know....

Happy New Year to one and ALL.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

25 Degree Cafe

What do u tink of when 25 degree is mentioned?? the scortching hot weather?

Not so thou.. hehe.. think of a place.. with loads of cookbooks, food, n drinks.. =)

Anyway Im posting this for the sake of those who been asking me bout this gathering...

Yea we went to KEong Saik road today to the cafe. For a min gathering thats it... Linda had earlier told mi bout this place and we tot its a good place to meet up with the rest... with some familiar faces, and some new.. well Im glad to meet them all.

While I did not have the time to go thru the books there.. we had some food thou.

Dear wanted chicken wings... he is not well. and so.. well.. just some tapas for him

Chicken Wings $9

Its cripsy enough. Taste was ok.

I had a pork dish

Mojito Pork

Well.. i needed some meat.. and since I cannot take too much chicken. the next alternative is this as the name itself looks interesting enough. .

However I was disappointed. Dear too.. He commented the pork was over cook.. too dry. He hardly complaint of dry meat and so I guess it was so too... there wasnt much gravy to compliment the pork. The salad was actualy sliced cucumber. The wedges werent too bad.. at least I ate some yeah.. hee

While yakking away.. it was dessert time.. .I havent gt the mood to eat dessert.. esp so when none of the dessert suits my taste since I dun like sweet and chocolatey stuff.
Anyway we ended up with a dessert still.. =p felt kind of funnie if all are eating while we r not...

Grilled Butter cake $6.50

Yes grilled... well.. we thought it was interesting.. and sooo.. hehe... normal butter cake.. jus w additonal 'inprints' give it a pass but a tit too ex..

Dear prob hadnt enjoy himself since he wasnt well and the food wasnt to his liking... I prob was too tired to like anythg in particular.. thou I thought their salad are quite nice. yes.. of all thing I think thats is one of the best.. oh yes I think Jaren ordered a chicken casserole or sth.. looks good too.. regrets....

Now I know.. its gonna take mi alot more effort to make dear bring me back there.. he prob still prefer the cafe at Dempsey...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Egg Tart

I think Im getting eggy... 1st was omelette, then now egg tart
Well.. cant hide the factthat I pretty much adore eggs... especialy now that doctor had given me advice on avoiding chicken... the only thg else related I can eat will be eggs. and I do hope I wun need to avoid eggs as well.. .else I gonna STARVE.

Back to the tarts.

I love egg tarts w layered pastry.
Soft type that is.. i know its going b laided with shortening... but I dont care!
and not all shop sell good egg tarts...
We only love the ones at Tong Heng, which is situated at South Bridge Road next to Maxwell market. Maybe we are spoilt silly by our dear aunt who will pampered us with such tarts every week when we were young.
Pampering means.. we get at least 2 boxes of 5 tarts per box. Sometimes we get the coconut tarts too.. but its not as popular among us since its much sweeter.

Why do we love it so??

The egg custard is soft n smooth.. wobbly too... the layer of pastry are soft and a little melt in the mouth... U prob eat up till the very last crumbs =)

Unfortunately, I haven come across any egg tart recipe that yield such nice pastry... if u do have any... perhaps u like to share w me??

I just had the last 1 for breakkie hehe


1 of my fastest way to fill my stomach... Omelette... Since im always home alone.. laziness always kicks in.. I hate to eat alone anyway. So I will resort to making omelette. I always have plentiful eggs in fridge anyway =)

Depending on what I have in the fridge.. I will try to do somethg comforting for myself...

Yesterday I had Mushroom Cheese Omelette with Korean Sesame seeds
Needless to say, this are what I can find in the fridge, mushroom, cheddar cheese, eggs! The sesame seeds are of cos addtional to my own taste bud.. since I had use sesame oil to fry the omelette.
thou I wished I had some bacon to go along.

Mushroom Cheese Omelette

See the cheese ozzing out?? simply yummm.. the thg is.. I tink next round I should add some milk into the beaten egg... the egg seems a bit dry thou... Well.. at least it filled up my tummy for the afternoon.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cloves On Trees

Some outdated post.. but I guess certain info never get outdated right?? I hope I still get the facts right =)

Lets get clovey... ahh yes it reminds me... Serene say want to name ah boi Clovis, I told her I get reminded of cloves hehe

Ok.. back to the topic... I went to a small little hut at Batu Terringgi.. and of cos seen new things... thou some things are prob always around us but we take it for granted.

Cloves.. widely used in asia.. are small nailed shaped flower buds that are dried. They have a sweet, somewhat penetrating flavor. Cloves can be bought whole or ground. Ground cloves are commonly used in baking.

1 thing I did not know was, where does cloves grow on...

On trees thats it!!

Cool?.. its very small pic.. pardon me as I am like 7 meters away from the tree.

Here is a closer look of the cloves. Freshly pluck off the tree.

They are harvested right before they flowered(is it the correct word to use?) so ensure the best fragrant is preserved. After which they are dried and some grounded into powder.

I got a freshly dried pack of cloves. at RM$10. I know its a rip off. BUT.. I cant resist.. for I love the smell too much... I bought the cinnamon as well.. no prize for guessing what they are for =)

If you do the nonya kind of pineapple tarts for CNY, you prob have use them in the pineapple jam.. if you do the rounded type of tarts, u stick a piece of clove in the middle making it look like a little tangerine. They are also often used in applesauce, beets, chicken, ham, lamb, pumpkin, sausage, tea, tomatoes, walnuts, wine.

To sum off.. when Im desperate bout the ants prob at home... I leave a few cloves lying around on my kitchen top... I swear it scare the ants off... at least for a few days =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry Xmas... God Jul

Hey Folks.. let me wish you a Merry Xmas before the 25th sliped away quietly...
Thank you to all my friends whether cyberly, or in real for all guidance in everything that you have given me for the past 1 year. Its been a fruitful year in sense of skill achievement.
For those who shared with me selflessly, I need to double thank you since I know certain skills/recipes are closely guarded. Its the trust, the belief in me from you all that well.. brought me on to what I have acquired now.

The following 1 year will be again a new road for me.. Seriously going into something food related pretty soon.. Still in the midst of discussion with some potential partners/sponsors etc... I will reveal when time is ripe.

Im thankful for the person who well... invented internet.. allowing me to learn good and bad things via the cyber friends.. nto forgetting getting to know good and bad people... thru the BAD ONES.. I certainly learnt my lessons... Got these bad ones to thank too huh.. *giggle* else Jo prob will still be too naive n innocent to trust certain people.

AnywAY, these aside...

What have you done for the day?? partying? shopping? or busy catching up with sleep? I was in a pretty lazy mood today..HOWEVER, I still gotto work my oven for the last time for the year (or mayb week??)... My family been bugging me for a mini party.. yes my family... and that includes my mum n my youngest sis. Finaly I relented and bake them an Xmas Pullet.. did some salad, thaw the Kraftor. The funny thing is my family are no christians. Perhaps they been spoilt rotten by me eversince I have got my own home.. by having a huge feast for them.. and therefore the request(S). Each time November come.. mum will ask me if Im having any party.. Most of the time I do not include my family in my party, mainly becos I prefer to serve beef n mutton for party while they(esp mum) do not take these 2 meat. The sight of it makes her lose her appettite. And so I always will give a "NO" reply whenever she asked. Anyway its same old food.. just to different group of people... and I was trying to be lazy.. and so we called for Pizza De France delivery.... so with a chicken, a salad, kraftor and 2 pizza.. should be enough rite?? not so... cos at the end of the dinner... mum said: I tink something is missing this year... *paused for a while*ahhh mashed potato w bacon bits...
Goodness... my mum sure got good memory despite she is OLD and do not like western stuff like pizza n potato much... looks like I gotto do that for her nxt year then =)

Anyway Dinner was great.. whats better was before dinner... Dear and I had gone to Novena Square for a xmas gathering .. with who else but my dear Angie... and her alf. Xmas exchg and then off we went for our fondue at Haagen Dazs as promised... we got some vouchers to use up..

Must say that Haagen dazs fodnue is getting 'bigger' cos ,oons ago.. the serving was smaller.. and of cos cheaper..now it cost a freaking $39.90 for e above. Funnily.. the guys had momre of the fondue than the girls.. mayb i dont fancy icecream, while Angie dont fancy chocolate like me..

It wasnt long before we decided we want to eat sth else.. really wasnt long(in the midst of eating fondue hahaha)

We decided to scout around Velocity to see if there is any finger food.. We just wanna pig out for the day I guess.. and in less than 5 mins.. we decided among the organic cafe. mos burger, Harry's and TCC... and we decided to go TCC.. YIPEE.... and its a right choice

I was tempted to try harry's.. but it seems like its not the same Harrys we go to in Europe so we gave it a miss.

We decided on our food...

Shroom Bites

Very nice.. its pastry with cream of mushroom in the middle... u can fin it in 1 bite.. but well.. I did it in 2.. cos I want to eat slowly haha

Seafood Platter

The calamari was good.. the 'satay' was not bad too.. the prawn roll are crispy.... YUMMM

I chose the Shake O Sesame Drink
A blend of black sesame with milk n etc... really nice n fragrant.. ie only if u love sesame =)

The rest of them had hot drinks and i was too lazy to continue snapping hehe....

Now, whats Xmas w/o presseie rite?? Strangely.. most of my pressie are food related.. so just sharing with you what my dear friends got me...

1 of my 1st pressie was cupcakes... from L... its a food hamper actualy... really alot of effort put in.. I do really appreciate her effort...

1 of my cupcakes pressie.. can you see the tender loving care in the workmanship???

The food related thgs..edible anot.. I tink its really amusing...
I got a bear shape silicon pan from J (thanx gal.. really sweet of you. hope to use it soon)
BodySHop, Plum moisturiser....from Serene (not edible..but still .. .its food related?no??)
Nike Bottle from Caca(drinks rite?)
Coasters and a bottle of Vodka from Angie... Yes Vodka.. and its not a normal one.. its the limited edition Disco Vodka... haha.. previously the gals gave me the Absolute Black for Bday already =p

Disco vodka

then I got a novelty cake book from C... (thanx C... I love that book =D)
Qutie sure i missed out soem1 but I cant rem who.. sorry.. I will update later on if I rem k... anyway this are just part of what my dear friends got me.. and I really appreciate this.. must restrain msyelf form blogging bout non food related items hahahahaa

A 'leyrio' from mum, so gone are the lonely days in kitchen liao hahahaaa (still consider food related rite??)

Its a great xmas this year..and I hope everyone had enjoy this day... and have a better year ahead...

God Jul once again

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Xmas without Pepparkakor? Well.. it been like tat for me for years... Afterall.. I only eat them often when I was in Sweden where its available thru out the year.

Oh yes... Pepparkakor is Gingerbread cookies hehe just in case some of the readers dont know =) .. Xmas will swing me into the very much kind of mood since I think I really miss winter too much...

Today finaly I pull myself out of the chair.. and start doing these. I told my friend that i will make a xmas tree for her hehe... and thus.. I cannot break my promise.. especialy since... I wanted to do this last year but procastination puts it off... hee

Pepparkakor is a soft kind of cookies... so young or old.. can eat it so long as u like or dont mind the spice smell. I like it very much thou..

Today I tried out this recipe which PT shared with me. Really nice.. thou I tink I might add more spices if its for own consumption...

My Xmas Tree

And I know I am neglecting my cookies cutter I got back in Sweden.. They are lying around for years w/o me using at all.. and so just for xmas... (yes bought them specialy for xmas) I am using them

While people do reindeer... I do Moose can?? Sicne its the national animal in Sweden so I assume my cutter is Moose... The animal is also known as the Elk.. A cousin of the Deer family

Did the Xmas tree, star as well as Pig too.. yes PIG... AGAIn, back in Sweden, pig icon is all over during Xmas.. thou I have yet to know why do they liek the pig.. but I thought they look cute too

Pardon me for the poor picture as Im was really exhausted by time I fin everythg as I been bakign 2 other batches of oatmeal cookies as well..

The rest of the cookies are pack into party bags for tomorrow BBQ party.. just for the kids hehe..while adult will prob get cupcakes =) (so expect to see my cupcakes tomorrow yea??

Oh yes.. it slip my mind the gingerbread are soft.. hahaa..stupid me... I keep wondering why did they turn soft so fast... tsk tsk.. Blame on my poor memory..

God Jul to all...

Chanel Cupcake

Say im crazy... BUT I am still baking despite I really haven got enough sleep.

I promised Chanel some cupcakes for her house warming. And I want to keep my promise. and thus.. I played w a new conbination today... It was Lime Teacakelet last night... so today.. I tried Coffee favour... 1 thing why I attempted this again instead of any other flavour is bcos, the lime cupcake texture I wasnt very please with for a start.. determine to do a better one.. I made these today

its definitely softer.. why? I dunno too. will try again to confirm haa
I was in floral mood as usual.. and thus the design.. I must admit I haven't practice piping roses for realy long.. and thus the sub standard..

The good thing was.. every one love the cupcake.. I wanted to put the cuppies at the buffet table. but the host say.. no keep it.. she wants to have it herself.. or rather privately with some of us. Since I met some of my pri sch friends there as well.. the topic of cupcake came into our discussion as Chanel also had order some cupcake from elsewhere... Angie and I tried them.. frankly... I was shocked with Angie's reaction.. HUGE reaction...

Anyway... our friends creeped into the kitchen and peeped at my cuppies.. unable to resist.. they tried 1 flavour each and gave me comments.. I really appreciate their comment... thou there are not negative comment *wink*

Im glad my effort paid off =0 being able to let many appreciative people taste my cuppies

Chanel, may your house be filled with warmth n love thru out
God Jul

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aspagarus Melt With Salsa Sauce

Supposed to make this for xmas party last night... But I tot we had too much food and so since I was running out of time.. I gave it a miss...

I saw it on the web a coupel of days ago(cant rem where thou since my brain is almost dead), and thought its a pretty good idea as finger food... Since the baguette is still lying around.. the best way is to have it for lunch.

I am going a bit greedy and so.. I did some garlic melt too

Asparagus Melt w Salsa & Garlic Melt

Pretty simple recipe...
Here goes

Baguette, sliced
Half blanched asparagus
Cheddar cheese
Salsa Sauce

Spoon Salsa sauce over the bread, add on asparagus on top.
Top with cheese then some dried parsley n grill for 10 mins at 180 degree till brown.

For garlic version.. mince garlic, add in some butter and herbs.
Give a good stir.. spread on bread.
Top with cheese n grill as above.

and yes.. we finished the whole tray of melts =)

Xmas Dinner

I was pretty busy up planning for this party when the cuppy order pop up... well... what to do.. so I juggled between both...
Starting from 8am in the morning.. with all the chopping, marinating, boiling, poaching n etc... with a delivery to do at 12 to town.. it definitely takes up alot of time.. Im glad I can multi-task hehe...

I did not want to make the dinner a messy affair.. instead, I prefer a nice sit down dinner whom all of us can chat... despite well.. its 3 diff 'groups' of friends... but I think later on we blended in quite well =) Guess the presence of little Jo helps... He sure enjoy himself very well... Esp the present choosing part hahaaa...

For dinner..

Looks familiar??

Yes.. Fusion Salad... My guest likes them alot.. Thanx L for telling me how to do it..

Star of the day

"starved" chicken... hahaa.. well the names came up to us while we were doing the place card for the food... R and F "creative thinking"

I or rather my whole family like this chicken... cos it HUGE.. mum alwasy say its mini turkey. And I always mariante it till even the breast meat is soft n tender... thats the only way to cheat my mum into eating the breast meat.. Now I need to do 2 more of this chicken as Auntie Rika have also request for an ordere... cool huh??

Now... whats Xmas w/o the Sherpherd??

Sherpherd's Pie.. this is Little jo's fav (At least this is what he said)

Xmas Soba... orgI wanted to do tri colour... buckwheat, green tea plus carrot.. however time was running out. And I think my guests are not realy used to this dish.. too Korean mayb??
1 of the all time favourite

Clam Chowder which I have tweak the recipe further to improve the taste.

Most of them loves it =)
It was at the very last min I realise I forgot bout dessert.. Overlooked this since was realy busy.. quickly.. I did some cupcake...
Lime tEa Cakelet.
A bit heavy but still soft.. I wan the ones L made!! hehee

Cupcakes MADNESS

I got a rather huge order to deliver yesterday... That was partly why I been so ever busy that I cant blog, reply qns, or post the required recipe.
I call it huge order since this lady, J, is someone whom I dunno... and she got my contact via some network.

Anyway... she was pretty nice to begin with.. fast decision... not fussy, leave everything for me to decide including flavouring and topping.
Cool rite... and so I shall not let her down hehe...

Spent a day doing some sugarpaste .. something which I hardly like... I just dun have the patience...

My Lot of cuppies

Mistletoe.. which was really hard for me to do.. heeh end up I onli did 1 hehee

Ahh santa left his Hat somewhere yea??

Pipe flowers and sugar paste one... I love the combination...

Whose scarf is this???

of cos.. U need an Xmas Tree rite??

I left the ready cuppies overnight at room temp.. I was pretty stressed bout it fearing the buttercream might melt.. thankfuly.. nothg happen = )

J also ordered a mango moussecake.. im pretty surprise I handled it all quite well.. thanx for the ability to multitasking... in fact, in between all this.. I been going out for dinner n drinking session with old pals... not too bad yeahh

The latest was, J emailed to me bout the cupies.. she say its NICE!.. shhe sure boost my confidence =)

Then again.. I think I will prefer to pipe butter cream instead of doing sugar paste.. Im just not as talented as ppl like L, G and K hehe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bee Z Bakes

I haven got much tiem to blog for the past few days.. In fact I dun even have time to reply mails.. tsk tsk.. bad time management ahh?

Anyway... into my 5th batch of the same recipe for now..

Cranberry, Raisins, Oatmeal cookies...

Very long name ahh... mayb shld renamed it as Very Berries Cookies hehe

I 1st baked it last week aft J showed me the pic.. and I tot it looks good... well needless to say it was a HIT.. in fact S ate so much that she is asking me to bake more...

one of the 1st few who gotto try them was A too.. she told me her girl loves it too...

Glad that my cookies are making so many people happy this xmas =)

My cookie jar been fluctuating from VERY full to half full.. then Filled up again..
Mainly becos of the req of cookies sale cum xmas pressie.

Cuen and some other friends have requested for the recipe and I thought since its so easy .. perhaps I should share it...

Org recipe is from Cranberry oatmeal white chocolate cookies adapted from Annabel Karmel's "Family Favourite Recipes"(which I came across via little cyberspot)

Tweaking the recipe further...

150g plain flour
120g brown sugar
150g butter
50g instant oats
50g dried cranberries
30g raisin(I prefer it w raisin so i can have the chew)
25g ground almonds
2oz (about 56 g)white chocolate but I use dark chocolate
2 eggs yolks
1/2 ts baking soda
1/2 ts salt
1ts vanilla essence

1. Preheat oven at 190 degrees C. Sieve together the flour, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Stir in the ground almonds, brown sugar, oats, raisins, cranberries and white chocolate chunks.
2. Melt butter in a small pan over low fire. Stir the butter into the dry ingredients together with the egg yolks. Mix well, then using your hands, form balls of dough, pressing down on a baking tray lined with a baking sheet. Leave space in between the cookies for them to spread.
3. Depending on how big your cookies are, bake for 12 - 15 minutes, or until sufficiently browned. Remove and cool on wire rack for them to harden. ( I bake it only till 10 mimns cos I like chewy cookies)

And admist the busy baking of cookies.. I gotto do a pralet again...

For Huahua birthday...

Caca had req me to add more flowers.. and so later I gotto touch up and give her more flowers =p

Happy Sweet 19th Huahua =)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas Cuppy

Last night.. as I was on standby, There is nuthg much I can do since well I prefer not to party my night away in case I get call up.. hehe.. and so the next best alternative is BAKE
Since I have a BBQ gathering to attend with Dear today.. cuppy is in my list. I trial baked a new recipe.. which turns out really well ..but the amount of cuppy is enomous...
Then again its alrite... since I am going to feed an army I thought hehe
I cant decide how to decor it.. and tinking its xmas.. I decided that I should do a xmas theme... the ambitious me.. wanted to do snowman, candy cane n etc... but too bad.. cos I was out at 4am only able to sleep near dawn... I haven got much time left..
So I could only do the very basic thg ...

Simple piping on the cuppy

Using whatever time I had (45 mins in fact)

I did the Hollies(spelling??)


Xmas Trees

Took me about half hour to do up 10 trees.. which was partly inspire by K on Thursday hehe..

pretty time consuming to do the trees but I love them to bits =)
The response for the cuppy was good... almost everybody ate 1.. except me of cos =p...

Thanx G for pointing this to me =) she really gave me a lot of tips on baking this days hehe

This is onli part of the 4 thing I did last night.. will post the rest soon...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Big Day(outdated post)

For Dear's Bday.. I make him take leave.. so that I can acc him for lunch n dinner... since he got so much leave anyway haaaaa

Promised him to Sakuraya for lunch long ago...

Since its the King's bday.. be sure of loads of yummyhe chose himself

The sashimi counter

California Maki, somethg which I tink is pretty lousy... I tink I can do better

Japanese Blood cockles and errr snail????Huge one leh.. i tink bigger than my palm...
sashimi style of cos..

Hotate Sashimi in the front, we had 2 Hotate at $12.50 each

This is the "snail" , its the best sashimi among all the shell creatures we ordered.. YUMMY... its crunchy.. a little sweet too

Blood cockles, its a little liek those cockles u have at seafood rest but bigger.. and ermmmm i din realy like it.. thou I wallop all as usual

Sea bream sashimi, Sword fish Sashimi and Tako sashimi, everything is nice!!!

Thats all for lunch.... .. the bill came up to $179 plus... Hic Hic...

Dinner.. as usual.. a promise.. to this restaurant call "Different Taste"... at downtown east... of cos.. the old king n queen plus all the princesses came along

Different Taste indeed... the food to me is soso only...

Stir Fried Duo Miao

Curry Fish Head

Hainanese Pork Chop for the Hainan bday boy

Golden Fried Prawns

Brinjal chicken

Sotong You Tiao.. Bday boy req..

All in all, i tink, I like the brinjal ine best... prawn was soso... you tiao is nice.. but I dun tink I will want to go bk again.. I need somethg special.. like sashimi LOL
then again w the folks ard... its tough to eat sashimi cos they simply dun like at all...
We got a bigger surprise.. wait till new year eve I shall reveal...