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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Xmas without Pepparkakor? Well.. it been like tat for me for years... Afterall.. I only eat them often when I was in Sweden where its available thru out the year.

Oh yes... Pepparkakor is Gingerbread cookies hehe just in case some of the readers dont know =) .. Xmas will swing me into the very much kind of mood since I think I really miss winter too much...

Today finaly I pull myself out of the chair.. and start doing these. I told my friend that i will make a xmas tree for her hehe... and thus.. I cannot break my promise.. especialy since... I wanted to do this last year but procastination puts it off... hee

Pepparkakor is a soft kind of cookies... so young or old.. can eat it so long as u like or dont mind the spice smell. I like it very much thou..

Today I tried out this recipe which PT shared with me. Really nice.. thou I tink I might add more spices if its for own consumption...

My Xmas Tree

And I know I am neglecting my cookies cutter I got back in Sweden.. They are lying around for years w/o me using at all.. and so just for xmas... (yes bought them specialy for xmas) I am using them

While people do reindeer... I do Moose can?? Sicne its the national animal in Sweden so I assume my cutter is Moose... The animal is also known as the Elk.. A cousin of the Deer family

Did the Xmas tree, star as well as Pig too.. yes PIG... AGAIn, back in Sweden, pig icon is all over during Xmas.. thou I have yet to know why do they liek the pig.. but I thought they look cute too

Pardon me for the poor picture as Im was really exhausted by time I fin everythg as I been bakign 2 other batches of oatmeal cookies as well..

The rest of the cookies are pack into party bags for tomorrow BBQ party.. just for the kids hehe..while adult will prob get cupcakes =) (so expect to see my cupcakes tomorrow yea??

Oh yes.. it slip my mind the gingerbread are soft.. hahaa..stupid me... I keep wondering why did they turn soft so fast... tsk tsk.. Blame on my poor memory..

God Jul to all...