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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aspagarus Melt With Salsa Sauce

Supposed to make this for xmas party last night... But I tot we had too much food and so since I was running out of time.. I gave it a miss...

I saw it on the web a coupel of days ago(cant rem where thou since my brain is almost dead), and thought its a pretty good idea as finger food... Since the baguette is still lying around.. the best way is to have it for lunch.

I am going a bit greedy and so.. I did some garlic melt too

Asparagus Melt w Salsa & Garlic Melt

Pretty simple recipe...
Here goes

Baguette, sliced
Half blanched asparagus
Cheddar cheese
Salsa Sauce

Spoon Salsa sauce over the bread, add on asparagus on top.
Top with cheese then some dried parsley n grill for 10 mins at 180 degree till brown.

For garlic version.. mince garlic, add in some butter and herbs.
Give a good stir.. spread on bread.
Top with cheese n grill as above.

and yes.. we finished the whole tray of melts =)