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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas Cuppy

Last night.. as I was on standby, There is nuthg much I can do since well I prefer not to party my night away in case I get call up.. hehe.. and so the next best alternative is BAKE
Since I have a BBQ gathering to attend with Dear today.. cuppy is in my list. I trial baked a new recipe.. which turns out really well ..but the amount of cuppy is enomous...
Then again its alrite... since I am going to feed an army I thought hehe
I cant decide how to decor it.. and tinking its xmas.. I decided that I should do a xmas theme... the ambitious me.. wanted to do snowman, candy cane n etc... but too bad.. cos I was out at 4am only able to sleep near dawn... I haven got much time left..
So I could only do the very basic thg ...

Simple piping on the cuppy

Using whatever time I had (45 mins in fact)

I did the Hollies(spelling??)


Xmas Trees

Took me about half hour to do up 10 trees.. which was partly inspire by K on Thursday hehe..

pretty time consuming to do the trees but I love them to bits =)
The response for the cuppy was good... almost everybody ate 1.. except me of cos =p...

Thanx G for pointing this to me =) she really gave me a lot of tips on baking this days hehe

This is onli part of the 4 thing I did last night.. will post the rest soon...