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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Big Day(outdated post)

For Dear's Bday.. I make him take leave.. so that I can acc him for lunch n dinner... since he got so much leave anyway haaaaa

Promised him to Sakuraya for lunch long ago...

Since its the King's bday.. be sure of loads of yummyhe chose himself

The sashimi counter

California Maki, somethg which I tink is pretty lousy... I tink I can do better

Japanese Blood cockles and errr snail????Huge one leh.. i tink bigger than my palm...
sashimi style of cos..

Hotate Sashimi in the front, we had 2 Hotate at $12.50 each

This is the "snail" , its the best sashimi among all the shell creatures we ordered.. YUMMY... its crunchy.. a little sweet too

Blood cockles, its a little liek those cockles u have at seafood rest but bigger.. and ermmmm i din realy like it.. thou I wallop all as usual

Sea bream sashimi, Sword fish Sashimi and Tako sashimi, everything is nice!!!

Thats all for lunch.... .. the bill came up to $179 plus... Hic Hic...

Dinner.. as usual.. a promise.. to this restaurant call "Different Taste"... at downtown east... of cos.. the old king n queen plus all the princesses came along

Different Taste indeed... the food to me is soso only...

Stir Fried Duo Miao

Curry Fish Head

Hainanese Pork Chop for the Hainan bday boy

Golden Fried Prawns

Brinjal chicken

Sotong You Tiao.. Bday boy req..

All in all, i tink, I like the brinjal ine best... prawn was soso... you tiao is nice.. but I dun tink I will want to go bk again.. I need somethg special.. like sashimi LOL
then again w the folks ard... its tough to eat sashimi cos they simply dun like at all...
We got a bigger surprise.. wait till new year eve I shall reveal...