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Thursday, September 17, 2009


If u notice.. I have been baking cheese related stuff... oh well.. I was too greedy..bought too much cream cheese.. it will be a pity if I throw them away whenthey expired.. so keeping my finger cross that my lil noise box will cooperate w me when i need to bake my stuff....
With another 2 block of cheese to clear.. and I haven got much time left.. I saw Bakerela recipe and tot its easy =) and thus.. here goes...
I cut down the sugar fr 1.5 cup to 1 cup thou and I omitted the sugar in the crust.
Bare cheesecake are boring.. no time for decor? oh well... I topped it with physalis which I got the other day.. its 1 of my favourite fruits =) I think some people call it gooseberry?
At least it looks good on the cheesecake yea..

Classic Cheesecake

Oh yes... the cheesecake arent exactly yellowish in colour. cos I use mix berries yoghurt in it instead of sourcream.. and I forgot myvanila pods int he cake mixture.. I added 2 pods into the crust thou ...~happiness~

thank you lil noise box for cooperating thou mummyhave to split the whole baking process to 2.. crush the biscuit 1st... then aft she nap again and I start baking hehe.. and here Im having it as brunch... the cake is a tit sweet to mi thou despite the sugar reduction.. I wonder why..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary

Its our 7th wedding Anni...
this year I haven got much time to do a pretty cake as comparable to last yr..
With the assembly of my new toys I acquired over the last few months I got my butt down to do some decor for 3 nites after my lil noise box have gone to bed...
I resorted to using ready made fondant as it save me a lil time... yes...every second counts now
Baked a Lime Tea Cake as its firm enuff to be covered with fondant.
Used my script lettering set for the wordings... tough job!
Cake was dusted with pearl dust for the final finishing....
And used my new flower mould for the roses....

After I added gold dust on it =)
Happy Anniversary... May we have many more 7 years to come...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Steam Glutinuous Rice Wine Chicken

My dinner for yesterday!
Its a relatively simple dish... yes.. I need to cook simple dish now that my lil noise box.. or rather muscial box as some friends called is around... I need to do every swift n fast...
Since I have half a chicken left in the freezer n I do seriously need to clear the stash to store other stuff... I tot it be nice to try this out.. oh yes I got 5 bottle of rice wine in fridge to clear as well!!!
Wats even easier is that.. I even have frozen diced spring onions, minced and julianned ginger in the freezer! yea.. this is my post confinement stuff haaa.. loads to clear manz...

Strangely while this dish uses almost the same ingredients as the yellow wine chicken .. it sure taste different.. The Yellow wine chicken is good for cooking mee sua soup while tis is good for going with rice =)

Heres the very simple recipe....
Chicken, chopped in small pieces
half to 1 cup of glut rice wine (I added 1 cup so I get more gravy for the rice)
2 teaspoon of sesame oil
salt to taste
minced ginger
julianned gigner (my preference to get some ginger bites)

Mix everythg together n steam for 20 mins.
Garnish with spring onions and serve hot..

I use my pressure cooker to steam so the chicken will b softer

Steam Glutinous Rice Wine chicken

Nxt time round I shall add some black fungus as well =)