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Thursday, September 17, 2009


If u notice.. I have been baking cheese related stuff... oh well.. I was too greedy..bought too much cream cheese.. it will be a pity if I throw them away whenthey expired.. so keeping my finger cross that my lil noise box will cooperate w me when i need to bake my stuff....
With another 2 block of cheese to clear.. and I haven got much time left.. I saw Bakerela recipe and tot its easy =) and thus.. here goes...
I cut down the sugar fr 1.5 cup to 1 cup thou and I omitted the sugar in the crust.
Bare cheesecake are boring.. no time for decor? oh well... I topped it with physalis which I got the other day.. its 1 of my favourite fruits =) I think some people call it gooseberry?
At least it looks good on the cheesecake yea..

Classic Cheesecake

Oh yes... the cheesecake arent exactly yellowish in colour. cos I use mix berries yoghurt in it instead of sourcream.. and I forgot myvanila pods int he cake mixture.. I added 2 pods into the crust thou ...~happiness~

thank you lil noise box for cooperating thou mummyhave to split the whole baking process to 2.. crush the biscuit 1st... then aft she nap again and I start baking hehe.. and here Im having it as brunch... the cake is a tit sweet to mi thou despite the sugar reduction.. I wonder why..