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Friday, May 22, 2009

For a GF of mine

I have been thinking of doing something for A's bday since very long ago but somethg will always crop up and I cant baked the bday cake.. This yr she have her little boy who share the same birthday as her to celebrate the special hatch day. And I finally found no hiccups to baking her something.
A loves my bake.. and many of my bakes will have her share and I guess she will love this chocolate cupcakes too!
I made chocolate mint ganache for the topping.
As usual I try to practice my rose swirl.. and I think I got it already!!!
After buying my new toy for more than half a year finally I am using it...
My little inprint set!!!

Wishing A a blessed bday..
I did the cuppies today in advance for her so that she can share the cuppies in the CG

1 more new toy..
trying out my silicon mould I got eons ago... cos I am goign to buy more this weekend w my kakis!
Quite dainty yea??