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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fulfilling dinner

I been too busy to post anythg...
Finally I decided somethg must be done before the blog get dusty again...

Simple meals..

I bought some organic jap tofu the other day... for the hot hot weather.. this is good!

Cold tofu with pork floss

Just use a little oyster sauce.. add in some mirin and bring to boil.
Pour it over the cold tofu and let chill till u are ready to eat... top with pork floss and spring onions. Other variations includes century eggs =)

Then for a soup.. I did Pig tail soup.. Pig tail.. high in collagen.. thats extremely good for our skin =)

Dear wouldnt like the tail I know.. so I added in ribs for him...
I play cheat... I added veggie cube to the 2 litre of water use for boiling the meat...
After cookin in the pressure cooking for 20 mins.. and leavign it to release pressure slowly.. at the very end.. adding 4 tomatoes to boil n softene before serving... YUMMY!

Pig Tail Tomato soup