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Sunday, September 07, 2008

For a Mummy again

At the same time of Shaun's order.. I had this order as well.. its another 1 of my regular's request. I couldnt turn her down... Luckily she decided to have a sweet sweet theme... and since its for mummy... I tot I will do sth similar to Serene's cake...

R have tasted all my cakes. I think the next will be durian haha... this time round.. she req for my ever popular black forest cake.
It a huge cake... more than 1.5kg. I use 1 1/2 10 inch cake in all and near 2 big can of cherry.

I was at Sunlik the other day and I thought since Im doing such a big cake I can give the other brand of whipping cream a try.. of cos I bought my usual P&W...
It seems like its a right choice to try this new cream... its super duper easy to spread... with no fuss or mess.. unlike P&W that needs quite a bit of attention... and its very white in colour.. not off white.. Looks like I will b stocking more of this cream in future...

Its a rectangular cake.. initialy i wanted to do it as landscape.. then I thought a portrait one will be good.. and thus..

Black Forest Cake