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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fish Beehoon

A healthy meal we always like is fish beehoon. Be it fish head, or just fried fish meat. Due to rising food price, and inflation, the hawkers selling these have greatly reduce the portion of fish n other food stuff AFTER rising the price of the food items. It puts us off since int he 1st place such meals are not exactly filling.. with a smaller portion now.. it never quite fill our tummy.

Thats why I started to cook more often then ever. Whats more.. I can add more ingredient...

I have some threadfin fish head in freezer waiting to be clear.. and I been making papaya fish soup for the past few months for confinement.. It occurs to me..the sweet swwet soup in fact could be used in fish beehoon dish... Thou the commercial one are a little on the salty side... but I decided to give it a try anyway. Finaly i managed to get some fish fillet fr the mart. I got some garouper fish fillet... it cost me a whopping $14 for 2 pcs.. *GASP*... well well ok... if that makes a wonderful dinner.. why not??

Unfortunately.. NTUC dun sell sole fish.. I thought it will make the stock better.

I was rummaging thru my ever so filled up fridge.. and I managed to find 1 last piece of sole fish... YAY!

I deep fry the fish and use half incooking the soup, blendng the other half into powder.

Cooking the soup was a breeze.. just pan fry the fish head with some ginger.. add in water, red dates as well as papaya and let simmer for half an hour.. the soup is slightly whitish. Salt is added to bring out the sweetness... Yes salt.. strange.. but salt makes wonder when it comes to bringing out other flavours.

I lightly marinated the fish with some salt n pepper and shao xing wine, coat it with tapioca flouur and fry them till cooked.

Before I serve.. I blanched some veggies and tomato... added some evapourated milk into the soup.. and top it with the fish as well as many spring onions not forgetting the powder sole fish... It makes a great meal.... The fish taste great.. slightly sweet with firm meat.. I guess I did the right thing on cooking this for dinner tonight.