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Sunday, August 17, 2008


We went to Aston last night for dinner since we will pop by Chinese Swimming Club after that... Since it been having great reviews on their steak which happen to be our fav meat, i quicly make reservation.. It seem slike they have got 2 branch at Joochiat. 1 doesnt take reservtion. and of cos I choose the one that takes. We passed by the one that doesnt need reservation... the queue was crazy.. no way am I gg to stand by the road side waiting in that manner.
Parking was a breeze since we opt for the per entry parking.. more ex.. but faster.

On our order was a shrimp cocktail, I had wanted to order their portebello mushroom as well but I got a feeling I cant finish the food and so.... no mushroom for me!

Shrimp Cocktail

Its crunchy and well.. plain..
the salad came w a dressing of a mixtureof perhaps ketchup n something else... cant make out what is it.. bt definitely will experiment it out at home...

Dear got himself a prime ribs which by standard should be v nice. The steak should be tender and juicy.. The exorbitant price helps when he decided to order that since it makes no cow sense if somethg so ex doesnt taste good rite?

I had a 10 oz ribeye. and we add on a side dish of potato skin each.

Potato Skin With Bacon Bits

We love our steak medium rare and so that was our request
While we are serve bread with the appetiser... we waited patiently... but my patience seem to run out... after a good 40 mins, finally the steak came...

10 oz Ribeye

The ribeye is realy a huge serving I must say... I have never ever been unable to finish any steak.. for once.. I cant fin this... some what the taste wasnt realy there .. so the large mass of meat din help ...

Heres how we like our beef to b done.. with raw bloody center...

Dears rib wasnt as good.. it seem more medium well instead of medium rare.. and the taste is a bit off... even the sauce doesnt help in lifting the taste
Not forgetting it was actualy quite tough to chew... needless to say dear din enjoy his steak...
No way he is going back there again I guess.... He would rather I cook them at home... looks like its another dine out that gone wrong