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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oxtail Stew

Pigtail is one of my fav porky parts almong my dishes... i like them in my har mee as ell as in bak ku teh...

Oxtail.. however.. doesnt havemuch influence in my life.. Maybe for a start I wasnt brought p with beef in my life.. i onli started having beef 7 years ago while on my attachment in Korea..

The other day we went to Werner's Oven.. and dear had ox tail stew.. he enjoyed it thoroughly. but its freaking ex.. cost near $20 ... but he loves it.. and he asked if I know hw to do it...
Ok.. I dont want to disapoint him.. so I say I will try..
Seeing some beef tail on offer at Market Place.. I thought it will be nice to make him some to try...
Obviously I have no idea how to go about doing it.. thanx to Josh.. he gave me a rough idea what goes into the stew.. and well.. there I go..

As I was cutting up onions, garlic, carrot and potato.. I realised I used up my tomato paste ... darn... I ran down to buy..lucky the mart is jus 2 mins away... ...

After 45 mins of boiling in the PC... then let it sit till it depressurised... finaly dinner was done... its the 1st tiem I had cook that long on a PC.. since I am very mindful of whether the oxtail is soft n tender enuff anot... Mister bo gay will spit all out if its too tough...

Well.. the verdict..
I made it! YAY!!!!

Oxtail Stew

And before I forget how I did this.. let mi briefly jot it down.. all by eye power onli

1 pack of oxtail
1 big onion, diced
some garlic, chopped
carrots, diced
3 potato, halved
1 can of tomato puree
1 can of tomato
4 bay leaves
some dry thyme
1 beef cube
1cup red wine
some water
dash of pepper


1. lightly fry the ox tail... set aside
2. add in onion, garlic, carrot and fry till light brown
3. add in the ox tail...
4. pour in both can of tomato and add in the beef cube
5. add water.. a little more doesnt hurt cos u gg to stew it for quite a while...
6. add 1 potato and bay leaves... add in wine
7. cook on pressure cooker for at least 1/2 hour to 45 mins, then off fire and let it depressurised.
8. open lid, by now..the gravy is v thick cos the potato all disintegrated.. I choose to do this step cos I do not want to do a roux.
9. add in the remainder potato boil for further 15 min.
10. I added brocolli at the end to maek sure we had some veggie in the diet... add pepper before serving.
Serve warm with bread.

this may not be the proper method of doing a stew..but nonetheless it taste good... yum yum..

Needless to say... all was gone..