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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wallet Bursting Moments

Im back! I know my blog is getting dusty, rusty, and mouldy.. but I been too busy to blog.. I just got back from a trip and finaly I tink I can post something food related but not edible... haha. Those non food related LOOTS will nt b here =p
Bento Box! something which I been secretly collecting. But this trip is exceptional.. cos I fill my spare luggage with all these treasures!
Here is an over view of some of them
Disney Bento Box
This 2 are 2 tier ones... Pooh n Mickey... best for baby Xavier when we go outing LOL

Popeye Bento Box
Heres Pop eye!! They have olive one but I did not buy since I dont like her haha... and this comes w divider and fork n sppon.. they got MANY style.. and I onli choose 1.. cos I got loads more in my luggage hehe
My Melody Bento Box
This is a gem.. for the price I got, it comes with divider as well! Regret no buy 1 more for my friend as I know bout princess too late LOL

Disney Bento box
this one comes w 2 round partion with cover so food dont spill and a longish one with cover. place the fork n spoon that comes with it, and cover with the main cover.. I like the smart design that coems w the inner cover to prevent spillage!

Ben 10 Bento box
They have 2 style for this. 1 tier and 2 tier. I bought the 2 tier one. Comes complete with fork, spoon n chopstick! and the bottom tier have a seperate cover which will nt dirty the bottom of the top tier. And yes a divider too! Love those that comes complete with utensil I got 2 of this in case any friends wan it for their boys
Heres1 a big one.. I wasnt too keen at 1st but Dear asked mi to buy.. and end up I regret not buying 2 more cos I wan to give 1 set to Jeremiah
Ben 10 Thermo set
Its a thermo set with 3 non leak container and a slot to put the fork n spoon holder. Food suposed to keep warm up to 6 hours Heres how it look inside

See the slot for the utensil holder? cool rite?
Dear say I went CRAZY over the box... I think he will freak out on shopping trip next time... we went with 1 bag and came back with 4...