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Saturday, May 31, 2008

When the Bear and the Pancake Meet

I did this pancake few mth back when J gave me a pack of the mix.. and it was rather good except that We find it a bit dry.. but I was guessing I can jus add more milk...
So when i was grocery shopping weeks back, I grabbed a pack...
This morning I did breakfast hastily with this.. Added more milk. I actualy add milk till i tink the consistency is watery enuff to be poured into the mould unlike the previous time it was rather thick n gooey. Added in some vanila pods too
I got the bear silicon mould from Daiso in Feb.. Finaly I can perform the opening ceremony for it... Thats how bear n pancake meet!
Vanila Pancake
Its realy much softer n fluffier now... yumm.. we fin all w strawberry pregel, my vanila icecream as well as some frozen korean strawberry.
Inside of the pancake