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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Rice Burgers are 1 of the hot items in Mos Burger. needless to say its my fav too since I need alot of carbs everyday. Their rice burgers are hardly filling, Especialy I cannot take french fries that comes w the meal..

I thought it will be fun to make my own rice burger But nevre got to figure out how to make the rice patty... until I saw the mould at Daiso...

Dear doesnt like to eat rice, and the best way to make hime at rice is to go Jap. I'm quite successful thou, he have been asking for onigiri haha.. and so today's burger(he love burger) consist of rice... Gg to con him into eating rice again ~evil~

I started off with the filling and I thought of making herbal chicken thighs today. And it seems great to go along w some salad and the rice burger of cos. I onli grounded some dang gui then marinate the chicken with abalone sauce as well as some wolf berries.

Grilling it to perfection, I went off to settle the rice. Took me quite a while before I got the rice properly done the way I wanted. I couldnt figure out shld I have sticky rice or grainy ones thou of cos the sushi rice are obviously stickier than the thai rice.

Pressing the rice into the moulds, I thought the rice patty look too thick n huge.. (worrying if we can ever fin the burger), but hack lar.. jus do it... Ws kidn of scare the rice will b too bland so at the bottom patty I drizzled some of the gravy of the grilled chicken on it.

Topping it with a bit of jap fish floss since I was afraid it might look too dull..

Herbal chicken Rice Burger

The intial plan was jus to eat the burger off the plate... ~naive~
I forgot in Mos Burger, they serve with the wrapper, so the rice dont fall all over. So I decided to wrap it up too... with nori.

Quite a good idea..
In less than 10 mins.. we polished up the plate.. no mess. And its YUMMY...
oh ya..now I know why MB burger are never filling..the rice is not even half a portion of my usual one... tskkk

Dear asked: What other flavours next time?