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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apple Crumble Pie

last week I had Apple crumble at T3 Coffee club which is our favourite coffee joint... The miserable crumble makes mi feel miserable and after the lemon tart.. I begin to fall in love with its crust.. which is a very rare phenomenon since I dun like crusty stuff...

Was talking to my kaki bout apple crumble pie and we agree to do 1 each for exchg... at diff days of cos.. how on earth can we fin so much apple crumble in a day??

At CS we saw some pretty nice Granny Smith green apple.. and ok so there goes 8 apples in the basket along with my grocery..

I decided to use my almost new tart tin for this tart since I had onli used it once, and its removable bottom is fantastic for such tart not forgetting its height is realy good.. myother pie tin are too shallow.

As I sat in front of my computer waiting for the arrival of the egg todo the crust... suddenly I re-read my recipe and to my horror.. I dont need eggs for this recipe at all.. damnnn
I quickly run to the kitchen and got started... Originaly the recipe says use 4 apple but i think with the all so deep pie tin.. I need 6 .. end up I used up all 8... LOL

Doubling up my tart recipe for this.. and 1.5 times for the topping..
After much peeling and cutting of the apple...

Apple Crumble Pie

I think I prob have either over baked the pie, my apples arent crunchy.. or I have cooked it slightly too long.. nxt rnd I might just bake it w/o cooking.. Nonetheless we all love this... Dear suggested some vanila ice cream to go along with it... no prize for guessing what i did after baking this =)

Bye Bye to Coffee Club Apple Crumble...