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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oriental Lagsana

Like I mentioned in the previous post, this week I am going to attempt another oriental theme food item
And who else can provide me with such interesting recipe other than Ginny? LOLz
Anyway, well.. 1st of all this recipe uses 2 thing I hate... 1, luncheon meat and 2, soda crackers. And becos I need to clear my pantry of the excess luncheon meat (I wasnt the one who buy them!) , I made my way to the mart to buy the crackers for this dish.. since Ginny made this for 1 of our tea party and I thought I dun mind making this just to clear stock.. My friends will HATE me cos now there is a shortage of lucheon meat in the market and here Im trying to use them up...
With some curry powder and my favourite onion... I did the filling and steam the whole lagsana in my 23cm sq pan..

Oriental Lagsana

I was rushing thru hoping I can finish cooling it by 1215 so that I can give some to my friends.. but I was too slow... I took more than half hour jus to prepare this.. So I gotto give her tomorrow instead. The chilli almost killed me! but I like.. HAHA
I had this for lunch just now.. Perhaps I really dislike luncheon meat... I find it very saltish.. thou the texture wasnt too bad.. I finished it all the same =) I think I can try to substitute it with minced meat or wat so ever nxt round.

Back in KA, I rem we had like 12 can of Luncheon meat @ home.. and I tink I only cooked a can.. the rest was all given away to our friends who were dying of withdrawal syndrome of no lucheong meat... I duno whats the big deal of eating lucheong meat.. its nothg but processed meat with loads of salt.. Cant think of the goodness in it at all.. and of cos I siam my way when I get inivited to our colleagues house when they have luncheon meat party... Bet they are pleased to have invited me cos I dun fight with them over this little 'treasure'.

Now... I have 1 more can of luncheon meat to clear..perhaps I should 'auction' it off... haha.. I know Im alien... I hate luncheon meat..