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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Har Mein

I disappeared from the blogging world for quite a while, but I been actively working hard in kitchen. Just no time to blog since Im tired at the end of the day when I reached home.

Squeezing in some time to update the blog before it gets dusty, rusty... hee

Sudden tot of eating prawn mee 1 day, and knowing myself, Im such a fussy pot when it comes to te soup, and no thanx to the place I stay, there isnt a decent Har Mein. My fav one is supposedly the one at Geylang Lor 1, if not the one at Joo chiat. And here I decded to cook some har mein myself since I have enuff prawns head n shell to make the stock.. With a big pork bone in hand... and not forgetting my v trusted WMF pressure cooker. I managed to make a pot of yummy stock. Oh yes. I forgot to add, I added some korean chili powder to the stock too!

Normaly when I have Har Mein, I will ordered it w pork ribs since Im a carnivore.. I need meat to stay happy =p oh yes not forgetting pig tail too!! Now I regret not buying the pig tail when I sa it... haiz...

Anyway, heres my Mar Mein, top w some pork slices, fish cake, kang kong.. and prawns of cos!!!!

Har Mein

Thanx to dear for the new toy that I managed to cook the stock in such a short period of time.
Im definitely making full use of it if not working it to death HAa..

I have some left over stock which kind soul suggested me freezing them so I can cook w mee sua or instant noodle when Im hungry... GOOD IDEA!!

I decided to cook this becos, I had use a instant pack of har mein powder but it sadly disappoint me. Therefore, heres Jo's Har Mein!!