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Saturday, March 22, 2008

QQ Rice?

QQ Rice was liek my daily staple when I was in Hong Kong. I can eat that for bf, lunch, dinner.
So when my Serene and I saw this QQ rice shop in Singapore, we are delighted.. Not for long thou... cos seems like we prefer the Hong Kong ones.

Actually If im not wrong, Q rice originated from Taiwan. So its actually a taiwanese snack.

Anyway, when I ask dear what he wants bento for work tomorrow, he say yes he want QQ rice... tsk.. obviously he doesnt know how good those in HK taste LOL...
So I decided to combine the idea of QQ rice into japanese style.

Rice ball it is... sound like Hainanese rice ball? Ya sort of...
Suzanna gave me the idea when we went shopping a few months back on this. And so here I come presenting my 1st batch of rice balls..

Oh yes.. I even have a cute rabbit egg to go with it.. Easter mood still!!! Thanx E for the cutie mould =)

QQ Rice

I added roasted chicken, fish floss, sesame and pickle radish in the center..

The inside

Dear loves the rice ball hehe... He ate 2 after dinner...I was kidding with him.. that Im putting the rice ball into my Hello Kitty Bento box for him to bring to work =p