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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tom Yum Soup for the Cold Weather

Finally I made this.

Couple of moons ago, when I went by Golden Mile for grocery, I grab some bottles of tom yum paste.
While I keep telling myself I must cook tom yum 1 day. The 1 day never come mainly due to lack of ingredient.

Back in Europe, I normaly cook tomyum soup with only the paste and I do not find it satisfying.
My lucky star 'mum' came by, cooked some tom yum.. got me over to tabao for both dear and myself.. WOW.. its shiok... and I thought I really must cook it the same way she did. Now I know why is my tomyum so lousy in the past..

So today finally I pulled myself out of home (im in hibernation mode for days), to NTUC to get all the ingredients.. chicken, tiger prawn, squid , mushrooms etc ... despite the rain..thanx to J who went along with me =)

And here goes... for the rainy days...

Tom Yum Soup

The additonal ingredients like lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves n etc surely make a difference from just tom yum paste alone...

Im smart enough to have steam enough rice for supper =p

Thanx 'mum' for the recipe ... its a keeper!!!!