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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Aswan Local Market

We were pretty bored during the free and easy Nile Cruise. So i asked if its alright and safe enough for us to go jalan ourselves along the wharves... Our guide offered to bring us out... of cos I am ecstatically happy!!! Afterall it means is safer for us hehe
Little was known where we are going.. I thought it's just a boring walk... and the thought on my mind was just the horse carriages trotting along.

A typical Horse Carriage stand just like our taxi stand

Ahh we came by the Local Market

On the market street

This shop sells some traditional instrument...

Tempted to buy them but.. the angel side of my brain tell me no... no ... NO...

Various Macaroni

Its part of their staple

A cobbler shop

A Leather bag shop

A hard ware shop sellign pots n etc.. no luck on finding bake stuf there thou

Sugar cane shop!!!!

they sell sugar cane juice, which is using a huge machine.. push in the canes hard.. and the juice comes out... click on pic to view the details =)
Our guide bought us sugar ane juice.. and well it tasted just like the spore ones..

Just lthe week before we left for the trip I was talking to a potential investor in Dubai and we hit on the topic of sugar cane juice in Dubai... wow... so near yet so far =)

And the sugar cane mainly comes from Luxor field

Naan alike breads are sold openly...

I wondered why don't they mind the 'sand' on the bread? the street are sure sandy....

Came by the butcher. It been years since I last seen meat hanging out in the open by the vendors' stall..

The old lady had a big bag of grocery on her head while shopping..

I avoided going next to her in case the bag drop on me... haha

Dried Okra

Said to be taste as good as fresh once dehydrated.

A typical spice shop

while it is a spice shop, not everythg selling thr is for eating.

This spice shop stuff are label in english for tourist!!

the blue item for instance, is some powder... to wash white clothing. to make the clothes whiter. A little resemblance of the blue solution I use to wash my uniform last time =)

Another Spice shop, it also sell the kakadade flowers which I bought alot back for my family.

Inside the spice shop

Many times they will probably ask u to pay them tips for photography... with our guide with us.. I can snap all I want hehe

I dunno what is it.. seems like good stuff thou
Any one knows whats that?

Pottery for sale along the street.

we are lucky we went at the off peak hours to the market.. else I probably will get all squashed up...

We hurried bk to the cruise since we are sailing off to Edfu the very evening.