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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Field Trip food - Part 1

Finally, I had "undusted' myself enough to make a post here.

Food in Egypt aren't fantastic. I got dear complaining everyday bout the food. While I'm a fussy eater, I need yummy food.. I am quite ok with the food there. With some complaints thou =p

Some food I had on the Cruise for 4 days. Will post the rest up slowly... The rest of the Egypt Photos are here

In the cruise, we got a fixed table to sit at, so no worries of no having any seats.
There is another couple sharing table with us but we hardly eat together since we normaly try to eat as early as possible..

Drinks are not inclusive, and so we gotto pay for our own drinks. Thats where a large part of our money goes to during the trip..
Drinks are expensive there

A typical Salad Bar

Photo are a little blur since I don't want the ang moh to think Asian are s nuts bout food they we go snapping pictures at the food counter hehe... we are the only asian on the cruise...

While some r under dressed, some are over dressed too.

Some weird looking macaroni in the soup

Vegetable soup

A little salty... but satisfied my tummy on the freezing night there.

Pumpkin Soup alike, but something else they added which I cannot figure out

Tortillas with rice n etc

Some bread crumb looking stuff with Raisin and spices.

Part of my daily breakfast.

Danish Pastry

Thou the standard is a far cry from Singapore kind, still I wallop them.. else I will starve n die in the desert manz..

Marrow Gratin

Something old yet new.. I love marrow, I love gratin but never in this form =)

Vegetable Quiche

1 way of the cruise reusing left over I noticed, is by cooking the left over from the previous meal to something new. And they also managed to come up with something new. Perhaps the vegetables from this quiche is fr the salad? hehe


Its better known as Rosella Tea in Singapore. However, theirs are rather good grade I must say.. This was 1st served as a welcome drink when we checked into M/S Princess Amira. I thought it looked familiar and well.. Im right =)
1 of the rare gems I got back from Aswan. They have the Sudan grade which is not as good since they are not whole flowers.