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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pralet Rush

In the midst of all the CNy goodies prep... my oven is working apprx 6 hours a day in full swing... churning out about 300 to 400 tarts each day. and I had some last min order for pralet as well... It almost killed me.. cos Im really exhausted now

Just the other day i got an over seas call from the States. M wanted to order a cake for her friend, June. Its not the 1st time for overseas order thou.. on avg every 2 mth I get 1 overseas order.. Anyway pralet was decided... and here goes

I use sugar paste for the Happy Birthday (somethign which I hardly used hehe)

And.. I also got an order for a 3 yr old Birthday.
Bob The Builder was requested... I def wun do a cream cake w that theme since it prob take sup too much of my time.. Icing image is the option =)

Despite the cake is double the org portion the size is relatively small since the cake is actualy v flat in the 1st place.. and thus that explains that its onli 11inch big.

for both cake. the alcohol were excluded... that makes the pralet not as fantastic(I think lor).. I hope they love it...