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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Out of the bluey mood.. dear decided that we should have a bbq.. and thus.. today is the day.. esp so since.. we must enjoy before mickey arrive in April.. hehe..

Took the guys little effort to start up the fire...
well... jungle trained mahz..

With all the otahs on the grill.. I thought.. why not try the berries??

The strawberry turn softer.. n juicier... Slurppp
In fact... I kind of regret bringing only 1 box of berries.. tomorrow must bring more!! ehh yes..tomorrow we q again haha

I have somethg interesting up my sleeves...

So we built this over the grill

Anf we caught some birds that was flying around the pit... trying to pinch on our food...
Dont believe??? I told u we are jungle trained rite?if not.. among the 4 of us.. 2 r trained to catch snakes (the other 2 train to eat snake haha) .. hehe..and 2 are train to catch enemy n grill them alive...


Skin them alive.. remove the feather.. ahh the BIG black bird is sooo skinny...

After much marinating with 5 spice powder, charsiew sauce, and pepper.. I decided to dry them over the fire b4 i slow roast... hoping I get a crispy skin...

OKIE! Its a joke.. its not the big black bird.. those r quails hehe... *chuckles*

No pic of the final pdt.. cos by time I roast them nicely.. the rest have eaten them up..

Our very professionaly done wings..

Done by Mickey mummy... hehe

To make the people eat some veggies.. I resorted to making some 'kebabs'

yes.. we wallop everyth =)