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Sunday, December 30, 2007

25 Degree Cafe

What do u tink of when 25 degree is mentioned?? the scortching hot weather?

Not so thou.. hehe.. think of a place.. with loads of cookbooks, food, n drinks.. =)

Anyway Im posting this for the sake of those who been asking me bout this gathering...

Yea we went to KEong Saik road today to the cafe. For a min gathering thats it... Linda had earlier told mi bout this place and we tot its a good place to meet up with the rest... with some familiar faces, and some new.. well Im glad to meet them all.

While I did not have the time to go thru the books there.. we had some food thou.

Dear wanted chicken wings... he is not well. and so.. well.. just some tapas for him

Chicken Wings $9

Its cripsy enough. Taste was ok.

I had a pork dish

Mojito Pork

Well.. i needed some meat.. and since I cannot take too much chicken. the next alternative is this as the name itself looks interesting enough. .

However I was disappointed. Dear too.. He commented the pork was over cook.. too dry. He hardly complaint of dry meat and so I guess it was so too... there wasnt much gravy to compliment the pork. The salad was actualy sliced cucumber. The wedges werent too bad.. at least I ate some yeah.. hee

While yakking away.. it was dessert time.. .I havent gt the mood to eat dessert.. esp so when none of the dessert suits my taste since I dun like sweet and chocolatey stuff.
Anyway we ended up with a dessert still.. =p felt kind of funnie if all are eating while we r not...

Grilled Butter cake $6.50

Yes grilled... well.. we thought it was interesting.. and sooo.. hehe... normal butter cake.. jus w additonal 'inprints' give it a pass but a tit too ex..

Dear prob hadnt enjoy himself since he wasnt well and the food wasnt to his liking... I prob was too tired to like anythg in particular.. thou I thought their salad are quite nice. yes.. of all thing I think thats is one of the best.. oh yes I think Jaren ordered a chicken casserole or sth.. looks good too.. regrets....

Now I know.. its gonna take mi alot more effort to make dear bring me back there.. he prob still prefer the cafe at Dempsey...