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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chanel Cupcake

Say im crazy... BUT I am still baking despite I really haven got enough sleep.

I promised Chanel some cupcakes for her house warming. And I want to keep my promise. and thus.. I played w a new conbination today... It was Lime Teacakelet last night... so today.. I tried Coffee favour... 1 thing why I attempted this again instead of any other flavour is bcos, the lime cupcake texture I wasnt very please with for a start.. determine to do a better one.. I made these today

its definitely softer.. why? I dunno too. will try again to confirm haa
I was in floral mood as usual.. and thus the design.. I must admit I haven't practice piping roses for realy long.. and thus the sub standard..

The good thing was.. every one love the cupcake.. I wanted to put the cuppies at the buffet table. but the host say.. no keep it.. she wants to have it herself.. or rather privately with some of us. Since I met some of my pri sch friends there as well.. the topic of cupcake came into our discussion as Chanel also had order some cupcake from elsewhere... Angie and I tried them.. frankly... I was shocked with Angie's reaction.. HUGE reaction...

Anyway... our friends creeped into the kitchen and peeped at my cuppies.. unable to resist.. they tried 1 flavour each and gave me comments.. I really appreciate their comment... thou there are not negative comment *wink*

Im glad my effort paid off =0 being able to let many appreciative people taste my cuppies

Chanel, may your house be filled with warmth n love thru out
God Jul