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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cupcakes MADNESS

I got a rather huge order to deliver yesterday... That was partly why I been so ever busy that I cant blog, reply qns, or post the required recipe.
I call it huge order since this lady, J, is someone whom I dunno... and she got my contact via some network.

Anyway... she was pretty nice to begin with.. fast decision... not fussy, leave everything for me to decide including flavouring and topping.
Cool rite... and so I shall not let her down hehe...

Spent a day doing some sugarpaste .. something which I hardly like... I just dun have the patience...

My Lot of cuppies

Mistletoe.. which was really hard for me to do.. heeh end up I onli did 1 hehee

Ahh santa left his Hat somewhere yea??

Pipe flowers and sugar paste one... I love the combination...

Whose scarf is this???

of cos.. U need an Xmas Tree rite??

I left the ready cuppies overnight at room temp.. I was pretty stressed bout it fearing the buttercream might melt.. thankfuly.. nothg happen = )

J also ordered a mango moussecake.. im pretty surprise I handled it all quite well.. thanx for the ability to multitasking... in fact, in between all this.. I been going out for dinner n drinking session with old pals... not too bad yeahh

The latest was, J emailed to me bout the cupies.. she say its NICE!.. shhe sure boost my confidence =)

Then again.. I think I will prefer to pipe butter cream instead of doing sugar paste.. Im just not as talented as ppl like L, G and K hehe