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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Xmas Fruit Cake

Its the season for fruit cake again
My fruits, soaked in the mixture of various alcohol for 10 months is finaly put to use.
YES! 10 good months in the firdge of cos =p

I borrow the rose pan from Linda 2 weeks ago wanting to bake the cake in it... HOWEVER, because I acquired a new toy from Penang... I clean forgotten bout the rose mould and proceed to bake them in the new toy.. tsk tsk ...lousy memory hehe
Anyway.. my new toy is pretty easy to use.. non stick... unmould easily. BUT I got a prob with browning the cake evenly... tats y the fluted pattern of the cake is not very obvious..

Xmas Fruit Cake

The batch of fruit cakes seems a little different from last year.. .what to do... since I lost my tweaked recipe couples of months back due to computer formatting.. looks like the experiment starts all over again.

Nonetheless.. this still taste good... with a cup of tea...

Choo... so now u see my new toy yea??