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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Serawak Sri Kaya Kek

After a week of R&R, I have finaly gotten down to baking again..
This round.. is a warm up for my subsequent orders for the nxt week.. and also a surprised birthday cupcake for the love one.

I ben wantign to try this Sri Kaya Kek.. It looks like a chocolate cake.. but Jo's heart is not going to beat fast even if she eat them all.. becos.. there is no chocolate in it.. I 1st tasted it in Lucy's house.. and she have kindly help me buy the bottle of browning sauce.. However with no recipe on hand.. It was STUCk with me for months... Not UNTIL M gave me the recipe.. So nice of her... thanx M =)

But still the lazy bug in me... din get myself down to baking this.. mainly becos it need alot of FUNNY ingredient like Horlicks n kaya...

The trip to Penang.. spurned me to try harder.. and so today Im making this....

While the texture is not quite there yet (I wonder why), I am happily eating away.. the smell of Horlicks is fantastic... . yes .. the spots of yelowish thg are horlicks..dunno why they cant seem to b dissolved.. I shall try again soon since.. well hehe.. I had gone to Anna's to buy 2 more bottle of the browning sauce...

The leave shape sprinkles are my new acquires from Penang hehe.. good chance to doll up the boring brown cake yea

the lucky persons who get to try this today will be my family and Judy... since I thinkt his cake is soft enough for her to chew hehe

I hope by tomorrow I can bake some chocolate cherry cake... not forgetting my sugar craft... deadline is nxt tues....grrrrr