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Friday, November 16, 2007

Pandan Chiffon

I was busy doing nothg for the whole week.. Mainly becos Im pretty much exhasuted mentaly and physicaly.. plus I have too much email to handle...
Thinkign I prob can break a record for not baking again today.. I realise FINALY I cant resist the sudden temptation.. thanx to leelee... seeing her chiffon make me want to do 1 too.. it been like mroe than 1 yr since I last did any chiffon.. I keep telling myself to do 1 else I prob will forget the technique... That is 1 reason why im constantly baking... even for stuff tat i dont like.. exampel I dont have sweet tooth but I still did loads of macaron.. to me.. its personal satisfaction when I can master/acquired certain skills.

Chiffon cake.. well most of the time I did the orange one.. mainly becos 1 of my gf Agnes loves it ever sicne I did some for them for CNY last year... and pandan oens always give a funny shrinkage.. and they dun last logn sicne it contains coconut cream. Normaly by day 2 they turn sour... despite i cool them v thoroughly.

I hope this batch last me longer.. well I pop them into the fridge already hehe

The cake rises nicely and still remains tall... Very please with it.. I guess it must have got to do with the whisking of egg white? I have some coconut cream left..perhaps I shld do 1 more tomolo to give away to mum's friends.

Now im in the december kind of mood
with a few IK private gathering coming up and of cos my xmas party.. looks like I will b terribly distracted from my oven yea