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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Villa Bali

Angie jio us out again today.. after much discussion being going to chomp chomp, or to Jalan Kayu.. suddenly she suggestLittle Bali.
Serene asked me bout this place before and both Dear and I have no idea wehre is it thou she mention near PSA building.. then today it sohappen to be Angie mention that and so off we went... ahh so its actualy at the very familiar looking orange bridge near Depot Road whenever I have to go CMPB last time =p

Its a place of Balinese style, with Thai food serve.. they of cos have Balinese food and western too not forgetting drinks

Since its named Little Bali, thus the whle restaurant setting was really Balinese like..

Dining outdoor can be pretty romantic...

Dine by the pavilion?? U need a minimum spending of $200.. well if u go in group of 4 or 6... u prob might just spend that muc (now u know how much we spend tat I know hee)

I like this waterfall setting.. so zen... calming indeed

And for our dinner

Top shell salad

Balinese Seafood Platter consisting chilli squid & prawns, fry fish, grill fish, and fish cake wrap on lemon grass

Tom Yam Soup which looks pretty spicy but actualy very mild.. when I say mild its really mild since I dun really take spicy food

Thai Grill Chicken

And Dessert
they ran out of mango sticky rice and so I ordered

Black sticky Rice.. which is Black glutinous rice lar..

Angie's Bali cocktail

And we were sitting outdoor... if u wonder if there is any mozzie??
there is! but for once I din get bitten.. some what this does the trick...

I dunno wat is this call but its smell v v nice.. liek soem sort of spice flower... the strong smelling thgy it omit out prob kept the mozzie away...

All in all I tink the ambience is good... Food is soso... price rather steep.. I might just go thr for a drink in future...

Little Bali 9a Lock Road

Gillman Village

Tel: 67330185



After dinner, we went to labrador Park for a short walk before we went back.. Thanx Alvin for playing driver again =)
Guess next time when his dad is back and he got no car its our turn to play driver hehe