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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Strawberry Cake

This is for a little boy, Jovan. His auntie, Yvonne had ordered this from me via K's recommendation since she wanted icing image and K doesnt do ...

Strawberry Flavour was decided upon, since its the birthday boy favourite fruit... and I have decided, to incorporate 3 type of strawberry stuff into the cake. 1st my pregel, 2nd is my strawberry stuff which I gotten from the strawberry parks and of cos fresh strawberry puree which I did it late last nite.. aft a day of my partying..

I went a little over generous woth my gelatine which i guess it should be a prob, since I was really afraid that the mousse will melt in the hot weather... but seems like I prob will be proven wrong..

Also thanx to Z who deliver the icing image to me, Thanx for accomodating the timing =)

Hope Yvonne and family will love this, for I think it tasted really different from a normal strawberry cake..