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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oneh Oneh

Finaly I found the freshly grated coconut at 1 of the provision shop at AMK today... not tat I stay there thou... Just happen to b there to do some research... n due to lack of communication... the auntie ask me qns in hokkien.. i dont understand.. and when dear explain for me.. and I tell her what I wan... coconut with or with skin... she gave me those with skin instead.. but I went ahead with the oneh oneh making anyway... hurriedly got some sweet potatoes after that.. and after awhile I got this

Oneh Oneh

Guess I went over generous with my green... scare the orangey colour cant b cover.. anyway... its yummy.. thou i prob can stuff in more gula melaka nxt round.. I din opt to add int he coconut in the fillig since I dun like the filling of the coconut stuck in my teeth... the outer layer is more than enough for me to bear... But still I HEART oneh oneh =)

But before I can sit down n enjoy my oneh oneh... I had a freaky accident in the kitchen.. after 2 hours at the A&E.. Im order to go on a weeks MC if not more.. and thus I guess for the next 1 week I am gg to be real restless at home... even blogging is a prob for me now.. having a hard time typing =(