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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SS Pie

SS.. what do you think it is?
Today's star ingredient... is this

Yes Guinness Stout...

Well.. I did the Stout Steak Pie.
It all begins with Big Ben... Dear brought me to Big Ben.. and one of this caught my attention.. Previously he already had tried this.. and he said its good... so among the mushroom pies, chicken ones, tuna... I choose this...

The Guinness Stout Steak Pie..

I was won over by the pie.. except that I thought its a little tongue stinging... dunno if its salty or what.. anyway... every time we go.. we will order this.. and its a freaky $3 or more per pie and can I say its barely filling? Well maybe I have got a big appetite compare to other ladies... and most of the time.. NO ladies will go Big Ben with me.. Its alwasy only with dear.. and sometimes with his guys n colleagues..

The rate of them gg to Big Ben is very frequent.. I think.. Big Ben will close down if the Navy decided to shift away from Changi haha

Back to the pie... when I ate that with dear.. he ask me.. u know how to do this?? well.. so I got into action. bu tit took more more than half a year before I dare to try it out.. since I am not sure how stout will really taste.. my memory is... its bitterish... thou I tot I like the malt stout at Brewerkz.. 1 other reason is becos.. I dislike the floury taste of lousy pie crust... and so that is my reasons for all these procastination..

Spoke to Lee yesterday and she mention bout making some pie.. and I tot is a good idea to make for dinner.. zoom off to the supermart w Dear after that and bought everything.. spent the afternoon doing this... and I realise I dont have those mini pie dish..ende dup using my cake tin.. which is deeper.. then again.. its better.. deeper.. means more filling haha.. and I managed to make 5 pies onli...

I dod not egg wash the surface with whole egg.. I tested out using egg white and see if it give a shine.. well.. it gave me more than shine.. look how yellow it is.. Im surprised =)

And dear prob think the pie is too girly.. with all the flowers on top hehe

Guinness Stout Steak Pie

With 1 in my tummy already... I am very surprise this taste very close to the shop version.. the filling i mean =) .. the stout is very flavourful... it actualy turn a bit saltish aft cooking and so additional salt is not needed...

As to where did the remaining stout goes to... needless to ask.. to our tummy later on when we eat the pie for dinner of cos *wink*



180 gm butter
250 gm plain flour
1 small tub plain yoghurt (+-150g)
1 tsp sugar
1 egg yolk
A pinch of salt

1. Put all the ingredients except yoghurt into the mixing bowl , and mix to a crumble.

2. Add in yoghurt and mix to a dough. Keep it refrigerated for at least 30 mins.

3. roll dough to the thickness u want.. and lay on the baking dish/tin. Add the cooled filling.. cover with a layer of dough and baked at 180 degrees for appx 30 mins. I baked mine for 40 mins as my tin is deeper


1 pc of topside beef steak(coat with flour and season w salt n pepper lightly)
onion, diced
carrots, diced
mushroom, diced
Guinness Stout
Herbs de Provence


1. U can minced or slice the beef to ur preference.. I diced it into small pieces.
2. Heat the pan with some olive oil.. fry the garlic till fragrant.. add in the beef. Lightly brown it. add the rest of the ingredient EXCEPT stout.
3. .when the ingredient turn soft.. add some stout... and let boil... keep adding stout ... I added about 500ml of stout in all... save the last round of stout to jus mildly boil... else the flavour will all evapourate. I add the last round of stout 15 min b4 the filling is done.
4. When beef n veggies turn soft enough (about 1 hour), off fire n let cool.
Note that the filling cannot b too dry.. as it will dry up a little during the cooling process.

I do not add much seasoning as I feel the stout really flavour the whole dish very well...