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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Loft Of Roses=Black Forest

Well.. in the earlier post I mention im too spoilt.. I need my Black Forest... and so.. I went down to my usual chicken farm to get my supplies of eggs (how I wish I have some chicken by my balcony hehe).. the chicken farm is actualy an egg shop lar hehe...

Anyway, with my supplies of egg.. I bake another sponge cake with my newly invented recipe..Phew it works hehe... and I proceeded to get more pitted cherries n cream for the filling..
I got a slight amnesia last nite.. my 1st cake i actualy forgot how to cut my cake properly.. LUCKILy for this cake I finaly remember... blame my lazy bones for not baking much cake lately... Finaly I got a nicely shape cake.. hehe... and an evening out with little elf and his mommy to the arcade.. I rush out the decor.. in the simplest form.... (at least to me)

But the late night means no good lighting and thus.. bad shoots of the cakes.. pardon me

I name thee 'Loft of Roses' since Im feeling real bored being home alone

Thanx to the fantastic jagger cakeknife which we call it sword G got for me from JB.. thanx yea for bringing a 'weapon' back hehe... I managed to slice the cake nice n clean =)

Slice of my Ultimate Black Forest Cake