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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beating the Heat

We have got terrible weather for the past few days.. terrible weather applies to thunderstorm for mostof my friends overseas.. but not for me.. to me.. nothg can be worse than having the sun in the house... why in the house?? well literaly I can feel im under the sun.. I can feel the evapouration of everythg... I feel myself MELTING... dear gotto ont he aircon inthe living room for the whole day to pacify both himself and me...

So after our vacunming and moping (team building session yeah hehe) I quickly got down to boil the ice jelly mixture.. and cool it... so that we can have some cooling dessert for supper

Ice Jelly with Peach and Strawberry Sauce

As usual..topping it with loads of kiwi seeds.. they look like little blacj seeds with moulds hee but we like!!!!
Luckily I have back up the ice jelly powder... and so with tis terrible weather..w e can eat it Anytime!...
Counting the nubmer of powder i have... agar agar powder, ice jelly powder.. konnyaku powder... all in bottle form... I really need help to finish them up manz...

13g of ice jelly powder
500ml water

Mix together and bring to boil.. let cool and chill till set...
scoop into glass..top w shaved ice (I use my trusted Braunt blender to shave my ice finely like snoooooww)
add desire fruits and also the syrup snce the jelly itself is completely TASTELESS.. squeeze some lemon or lime over... top w soak kiwi seeds
Top with strawberry sauce (optional)