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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mix PepperCorns

I believe for 1 to savour the essence of every food esp meat.. little flavouring is needed.. All u need is good quality salt n pepper.
I love to use freshly cracked pepper... the aroma is enuff to flavour the meat.
Black peppercorn, white peppercorn(where u get ur pepper pwoder from), green peppercorn, sichuan pepper corn and rose pepper corns are those that i know of..
I particularly like the rose peppercorn which is 1st known as Rosa Peppercorn to me.. find the smell very nice smelling and non choking.. unfortunately I think in Singapore they do not sell them alone... they are often mixed into the pepper mixed, I came across in the mart overseas that sell onli the rose alone..

Anyway a trip to the gourmet section the other day. led me to this bottle of treasure. The price was not rocket high..and so I immediately took a bottle off the shelve..
Pretty 'cheap' to me for a 100g bottle =)
The inside of the bottle
See the nice little round peppers... the black and white ones are harder... while the greens is slightly hard.. the rose ones are a little hollow n break easily...
I had the opening ceremony of the peppers today to marinate my chicken filllet which I will subsequently grill it for our tortilla wrap tomolo... I cant wait to eat it.. I can imagine the nice aroma flowing thru.......